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No Kids Allowed!


Sometimes we just need to get away from our kids.

I know – that sounds really harsh. But I think most parents (especially parents of toddlers) will agree that a night or two away can help us appreciate even more the moments when we get to be mom or dad.  My husband and I took a short weekend trip with some friends. We went camping and spent the day tubing down a river. We were silly, we stayed up late (and drank too much), and enjoyed not being interrupted by one of our kids every other minute. We acted like kids ourselves – and it was really relaxing and fun.

I do not take a weekend like this for granted. I appreciate how blessed I am that I have the means to make a little “escape” like this. And thankful for dear friends willing to ask two old and tired parents to take a fun trip with them. And I am SO grateful for my sweet sister willing to come live with my kids for the weekend. (So funny how my kids want little to do with me when their aunt is around!!)

There are many people where a getaway like this is just not an option – and they have to find a way to  “escape” in the confines of their own home. (I think of my friend who years ago had twins and a husband who had to work long, late hours. Her method of escape was a bottle of wine and a bubble bath!)

But by this morning, when it was time to pack up and start the long drive back, I was ready to come home and be mom again! I missed my kids; their hugs and laughter and cuddles. And I even missed the “annoying” things – the questions, the crying, the sheer defiance from my feisty two-year-old daughter, potty training. Being away for a day – being selfish for a day – was a reminder that my calling right now in life – my most important “job” – is to be mom; To keep my children safe and healthy, to help them learn how to be kind, how to love others, how to know Jesus.

As a mom, I experience stress, exhaustion and constant internal questioning of whether or not the decisions my husband and I make as parents are right. So I have absolutely no regrets about my fun, “no-kids-allowed” weekend trip – my mind needed the break. But I know my most joyous moments in life come when my kids are with me. They are gifts from God, and I am blessed to be their mom.

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2 thoughts on “No Kids Allowed!

  1. We were just “home” for almost three weeks, and while we still had to be parents 98% of the time, we had lots of extra helping hands. At the time, it didn’t seem like much, but once we got home and every single diaper change, meal, meltdown, feeding, tooth-brushing, story, etc. etc. etc. was on us, we quickly realized what a difference those extra hands made!
    I’d give a lot to have a whole no-kids-weekend because we pretty much never get that with family so far away, but I’m definitely appreciating the extra hands when they’re around!


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