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Thank you, God, for making me a parent!


It is 10:00 pm right now on a Sunday night, and I’m at work – attempting to finish a big project which has to be done tomorrow. (Of course I’m also taking a little time to throw together this quick post.) I should have spent the entire day at the office trying to get this stuff done. But today is my son’s 6th birthday. We spent the day at an Air Force Base air show with our family, followed up by watching the Blue Angels flight show from our deck and eating this awesome Skylanders Giants birthday cake that my husband made.

It was an amazing day – I think one that will pretty memorable for my son. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So I’m giving up my sleep tonight to finish what I need to do for work so that I could be there for my son today. That is one of the first things we give up when we become parents, right? Sleep.

It is hard to believe that my son is 6 years old. Every year on my birthday my own mom would call to tell me what she was doing at that moment on the day I was born. I politely oblige, and listen to the same story every year. But I find myself doing the same thing – mentally walking through that last day of being a “non-parent” – before my son was born. And here we are already – 6 years later. My son is smart, kind, compassionate, giving, funny. I love him with all my heart! (How do you put that love into words??)

On Father’s Day last month, my son came into our room that morning and cuddled up to my husband, his Daddy, and said “Happy Father’s Day.” My husband responded by saying “Thank you for making me a Father;” To which my wonderful, wise-beyond-his-years son replied “Don’t thank me – thank God. He did that.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So on this night – as I sit at my desk at work preparing for a late night and little sleep – I just say thank you God for my wonderful 6-year-old. Thank you for making me a parent to the most amazing little boy.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you, God, for making me a parent!

  1. Awesome post. Love, Pat


  2. Brooke, what a beautiful 6-year old Judson is — inside and out. You and Andy are such terrific parents! My prayer is that all parents everywhere would see the gift each child is and be as thankful for their own as you are for your 2 little sweeties!


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