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A Blessed Marriage: When faith is the foundation

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This blog is supposed to be about my family’s journey to find God each day. Through this writing (public journaling?) process I have embarked on, I’ll admit I write mostly about my own thoughts (or fears or revelations or questions) or those I encounter with my kids. But I have written little about my husband. This is probably because his faith journey is his own, and not mine to share with the world.

Today, however, I will spend some time writing about my husband. And it might be boring for some – those of you that know us have heard this before. But I write this for me, and I write this for him – for yesterday we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!

We met working at a church summer camp during college, and we were friends long before we were lovers. (I giggle to myself to say “lovers” – it sounds so cheesy; like it should be surrounded by glitter and hearts. But those were the exact words used by our Pastor at our wedding, and I’ve come to like the phrase.)

Being friends first – especially in a church camp setting – allowed us to set a strong foundation, and we were able to get some pretty deep faith discussions out of the way long before we committed to spend our lives together. Again, a direct quote from our Pastor at the wedding: “Camp gave you a comfort zone to talk about your faith; Often a forgotten, if not ignored, critical issue of relationships.”

And so our marriage has been blessed, I think, by its foundation – and for that I am so thankful. But whoa – if we thought we needed that kind I foundation as newlyweds, how much more do we need it as parents! And not only the parenting we find ourselves in now, but the infertility struggles we faced to actually become parents in the first place! I think infertility can often cause tension and intense struggle between couples, but for us it led to strength, and greater reliance on each other and on God.

Oh, how very fortunate that we can go through this parenting thing together! One of my favorite things to do is to watch my husband be a father to my kids. It is those little times when they don’t know I’m watching. When he and my daughter play together in the living room – he can make her laugh in such a way that I just can’t do. Or when I overhear my husband talking through a problem or disagreement with my son. He speaks with such love and understanding.

We continue to grow and change and learn and cope with each other’s imperfections. Some days are very easy and some days are harder, but as a whole I am thankful – beyond words grateful – for my husband. For how he loves me, loves our children, loves our God; and for how he continues to challenge and encourage me to seek and find God in our family every day.


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