Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Where’s that big “God Moment” when you need one?

Our family just had the most amazing 5-day weekend. We have all been looking forward to it – a break from work and school, time with family, good food to eat, a chance to sleep in. (And sleep in we did – our new average wake-up time is 7:30! I haven’t used an alarm clock in nearly a week.) However, both kids told me multiple times today that they do not want to go back to school tomorrow, so I anticipate Monday morning will be rough. Continue reading

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Drawn to the Dark Side

In an attempt to make my family more “cultured” I recently purchased an annual membership to the local art museum (Joslyn).  Two months passed, and though I had great intentions of making a visit, it did not happen. I blamed it on the 2-year-old. She would make the trip to an art museum disastrous! Continue reading

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Seeking the presence of God

Have you felt the certain presence of God? For me, this has happened while listening to a song, or during a moment in community with others, or in a quiet stillness in nature. In these moments I feel the presence of the Spirit like a sharp wind through my soul; an intense intimacy with God. These moments are so powerful for me, and I can’t grasp why others don’t feel this exact same way! Continue reading


Living in the now, yet open to God’s call

Today is my 35th birthday. I have to say that out loud to believe it is actually true. One half of a lifetime ago, when I graduated from high school, 35 seemed so far away. What kind of person would I be? What would my life be like? Continue reading