Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


It’s OK to fail!

I feel like a failure. I have worked a lot of hours this week – my mental state has reached a point of foggy delirium. And now I sit here on a Sunday afternoon trying to figure out how I will put together a meaningful writing about God at work in my family. Continue reading


I don’t want to be a bewildered disciple!

The Bible is a long, living narrative – a story of God’s love which you and I are the present continuation of. Some books in the Bible do not have a good narrative “flow” and are so very difficult to read! But certain books truly read like a storybook. (Some books are actually more like a soap opera. Oh, the drama in the Old Testament!) Continue reading

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How to be a parent: Chasing the perfect answer to an impossible question

I enjoy running.

Maybe I need to clarify. I enjoy running when the weather is pleasant and I can be outside on a beautiful sunny afternoon. It is SO hard for me to run in the winter. I don’t like to be outside in the dark; I’m not a big fan of the cold. I’ll go to the gym – though certainly not as often as I should. I find running on a track tedious. And it is far too easy to convince myself to slow the treadmill down and head home early. You can’t do that when you run outside. If you’ve ran 2 miles from home you have to turn around and run back! No quitting early!! Continue reading


No one wants to come to my pity party!

There were several Facebook posts during the last few weeks with a picture of my kids having a fantastically fun time, and a post that includes “with Brooke.” To be clear, in many of these pictures I am not, in fact, actually with my kids at said fun experience or event. In reality, I am sitting alone in my cubicle at work, trying to keep my focus and get my work done, but often staring sadly out the window and wishing I was having fun with the family too. Continue reading