Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Marked with the Cross – Forever!

I took my daughter to the Farmer’s Market this weekend. We arrived early; before the suffocating summer crowds could gather, before the heat of the day would beat down on the hard pavement. We weaved through the stalls, tasting breads and jams and marveling at the vibrant colors of the many June vegetables. Continue reading


Finding faith in an old, green hymnal

It is fitting that on Father’s Day I share a memory of a moment long ago with my Dad. I’m not sure how I remember this, or even if I am remembering this correctly. I have a terrible memory! Stories of my childhood are fuzzy visions, and I am uncertain if they are reality or made-up!

Our family attended a small country church on a dusty road near our home. Every Sunday morning, we saw the same people sitting in the same church pew. (We all sat towards the back of the sanctuary, of course, like good Lutherans do.) I remember being terribly bored, and finding creative ways to stay entertained so I would not have to actively participate in church. For my very young self, this church thing was difficult to understand and appreciate.

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Seeking God’s peace in the “real world”

I wrote earlier this month about our family’s recent vacation in Washington DC. (See Blessed to be Family.) Visiting a city like Washington DC with a curious 6-year-old is like a flash course in American History 101. This kid had so many questions, and there is so much to learn! Continue reading

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The value of an apology

From the earliest age, we teach our kids to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank-you.’ Besides ‘Momma” and “Dada’ those are the first words our little ones are able say. My husband and I taught both of our kids a limited amount of baby sign language. Some of the first words they learned centered on explaining a need – please, food, water, milk. Please and thank-you are easy. These are the magic words we say to get what we want! Continue reading