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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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It’s summer – open up that calendar!

The words I write this week are more for myself than for anyone else. I have this need to fill every moment of our summer with activities! We must take the kids to the ballpark, swimming, camping, to the lake, to a parade, out late to watch fireworks. If I do not check each of these items off of the summer “to-do” list I have failed as a parent!!

This usually means we run from one activity to another – never stopping to rest, allowing time for reflection, or letting the simple enjoyment of each others’ company be acceptable summer fun!

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I do NOT have all the answers – and that’s OK!

My 7-year-old recently cornered me in the bathroom during the bedtime routine asking deep, intense questions about the Trinity; Three in One. (He’s done this to me before; though he was much younger at the time so the conclusion to my story was quite different! See Questions, Questions, Questions – But I’m no theologian!)

I simply could not keep up with his need to have fact fill the hole of human questions. So I said to him, “You know what buddy. This is hard to understand. But that is OK. How amazing that our God is so great that we can’t even fully understand his power!

Ah, that go-to answer – the mystery of faith!

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Living in the “ideal” age

My son and I recently went to an overnight camp together. Our time was filled with the typical camp activities – boating, swimming, songs, campfire, hot dog cookout, and one of my very least favorite things to do: “get to know you” games! Meeting new people in itself puts me way outside of my comfort zone. Top that with answering a silly question or playing a silly game and I’m filled with dread! Continue reading


Writing my Will; More difficult than expected…

My husband and I recently decided to amend our will. Late last year I joined the Foundation Board for a charitable organization which I care very deeply about. Our goal is to encourage donors to include this organization in their will – deliberate, planned giving at the event of death. So, I thought to myself, if I am going to encourage others to include charitable giving at their death, then I should too. Lead by example, right? Continue reading