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I do NOT have all the answers – and that’s OK!

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My 7-year-old recently cornered me in the bathroom during the bedtime routine asking deep, intense questions about the Trinity; Three in One. (He’s done this to me before; though he was much younger at the time so the conclusion to my story was quite different! See Questions, Questions, Questions – But I’m no theologian!)

I simply could not keep up with his need to have fact fill the hole of human questions. So I said to him, “You know what buddy. This is hard to understand. But that is OK. How amazing that our God is so great that we can’t even fully understand his power!

Ah, that go-to answer – the mystery of faith!

Not enough for my dear son on this night. He wanted to know how old I was when I understood the Trinity. In other words, how much longer does he have to wait before he’ll have the answers!

So I said again, “Our God is like nothing else in this world, and you will never completely understand God. But that shouldn’t stop us from talking together and asking questions, right? When we ask questions we grow closer to God.

That answer worked for him. But then he wanted to know what questions I have about God. How humbling to share your own questions and fears with your child. At some point in my life I might have considered that to be showing weakness. But in that moment with my son, it felt like I was filled with God’s strength. My bright, faith-filled son and I could share and experience a God bigger than our questions!

Judson - June 2015

I told him that I wondered why people do hurtful things to each other. If God created everything, why is there so much pain? We discussed. He had answers, he had more questions.

Someone recently made this correlation between questions and relationship. When a child asks an adult a question, it creates engagement and builds relationship and understanding. Contrast this to our God, our Abba. The more questions we ask and the more we continually seek to understand God’s will and power in this world, the closer we become to God.

Faith is living, faith is growing; a faith with questions will create a deeper understanding of God. When we can embrace that – both in our own faith lives and as guides for our children – just imagine how God can work!

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