Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


A confession: I don’t like Halloween!

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. Sure – when I was younger I liked to get dressed up and “beg” for candy as much as the next kid. But the older I got, the more I came to dislike this day.

Do I like the stress involved each year to find a creative and unique costume? Definitely no. I am the opposite of creative, and just the thought of showing up somewhere in costume is terrifying. What if I’m the only one that dressed up, what if my costume is lame?? In a group, I struggle to be the “real me” – I do not need to add a costume into the mix! Continue reading

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Remembering a memory

At the first night of an adult bible study this week, we were asked to take five minutes to write a story about ourselves; a story that was meaningful in our life journey, where perhaps a lesson was learned or a course was changed. I could see panic arise in the faces of some around the room. What a deeply personal way to start a new class with a room of friends, acquaintances and strangers!

But I sat calmly, certain this would be an easy task for me. I love to write! As a matter of fact, I just so happen to write every single week about personal things which occur in my life and the lives of those in my family. This will be a breeze! Continue reading

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Trying to be content with what we have

One night this week I sat in my 7-year-old’s Star Wars bedroom, listening as he read to me from a storybook. We cuddled close on the bed and I glanced around the room. Over the summer we re-decorated the kids’ rooms. Our daughter now has a pretty purple room with flowers and butterflies; our son wanted Star Wars. This room has everything a 7-year-old boy could want; a custom made Lego shelf, Darth Vader stuffed pillow, a lightsaber nightlight, Star Wars everywhere you turn! I will admit that my husband and I are pretty proud of the work we did. But on this night he just seemed so small in this big room filled with things. Continue reading

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So, I was yelled at by a squirrel…

I went to a retreat this weekend. It was short – less than 24 hours; a small group – only 14 of us. There were no well-known, expensive speakers. We talked about God. The lodge was quite nice, weather lovely.

Sounds nice, you might say. Continue reading