Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


Seek God through the highs AND lows of holiday travel!

It is late and I’m exhausted so I’ll keep this short! We spent Thanksgiving weekend driving to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit my sister. This meant a 30 hour round-trip drive with 7 people – including a 3-year-old – in our mini van. I expected that after this trip I would have a ton of special stories to tell; unique and interesting “family God moments” to write and share. We did have those moments. But as I sit here now, what struck me the most about this trip was the varying ways I reached out to God.

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Reacting to conflict – the power of touch!

As my son molds into the person he was created to be, I am increasingly amazed by his intelligence, his compassion, his faith. As each day passes, I know him more deeply and experience more joy from his presence in my life! More than this, I’m starting to recognize that my son is a far better human than I am!

When I am angry with someone or sad, or afraid that someone is mad at me, I avoid. On the empathy scale, I’m a zero – maybe a one on a good day. Why do I do this? Why do I avoid conflict? My son – at only 7-years-old – handles things differently. Continue reading

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Living the dream and having it all! But what if “it all” is too much??

I have obtained in my adult life nearly every thing my simple teenage mind could have wished for. I have a husband who loves and supports me, two beautiful children, a successful career that provides security and professional respect, a faith community where I can serve and lead in unique and fun ways. If I had created a checklist in high school of what my life should look like 20 years later, I think I could mark off the whole list. I have it all! Continue reading

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Seeking patience, showing love

Patience = the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I envy people with patience! I have very little – which can be a real challenge with little kids around.

It seems that I’ve lost my patience more often than normal this week. I recall a meeting at work which was far from productive – and I lost my patience, became irritated and unfortunately made it known that I did not want to be there. Not very professional. Today, a Sunday morning, I had zero patience with my kids as we scrambled to get ready for church. They were bickering and whining – if I heard someone yell “Mommy” from upstairs one more time! They were ignoring my direction – is it too much to expect them to pick up those crayons the first, second or even third time I ask?! Continue reading

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Family, faith and frosting

I had the most fantastic Halloween Day!

What a strange way to begin considering my post only one week ago was titled “A Confession: I don’t like Halloween!” Maybe I should say this differently…

I had the most fantastic October 31 (and it had absolutely nothing to do with Halloween).

Our little family had a rare Saturday at home, nothing on the calendar. This was the one free Saturday in between soccer and basketball – no meetings, no work, no friends or family visiting. Continue reading