Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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If one suffers, we must suffer together

I have dear friends going through very difficult struggles. We know this human life, so often filled with great joy, can yield far greater suffering; physical and emotional pain surrounds. Yet this knowledge of inevitable suffering doesn’t make it easier to handle. Sometimes life’s chaos is thrown at you so hard it takes your breath away. Sometimes the person you love and trust the most causes you more pain than you could ever imagine possible. Sometimes the person you always thought would be there, suddenly isn’t. Sometimes the perfect path we plan for our lives veers so off course we lose all sense of stability and control. Continue reading


Seeking light in the darkness

This has been a week filled with busy days, long commutes, icy roads, far too many hours at work – eyes dry from staring at a computer screen, and a grossly inadequate number of hours asleep in my bed. It would be very easy to dwell (to perseverate!) on the negative; to count the hours lost and whine about my life. Continue reading

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Fighting the urge for instant gratification

Most of us live a spoiled life. Our culture is one of instant gratification. If we need something, we buy it; if we want something, we buy it; if someone else has it and we’re not even sure we’d use it, we buy it! We have this amazing thing called Amazon – you can find absolutely anything your heart desires and purchase it – then it arrives less than two days later. All from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading


Facing a new year

We are three days into 2016 and I find myself very reflective on this new year. We crossed into 2016 quietly with family. I did not feel like celebrating; but I also did not feel sad or remorseful about saying goodbye to the year now behind us. I did not feel fear considering the uncertainty in the new year ahead of us. I have simply felt reflective. It is surreal to me just how quickly this life is speeding by. Continue reading