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Seeking light in the darkness


This has been a week filled with busy days, long commutes, icy roads, far too many hours at work – eyes dry from staring at a computer screen, and a grossly inadequate number of hours asleep in my bed. It would be very easy to dwell (to perseverate!) on the negative; to count the hours lost and whine about my life.

I will admit – I had moments this week where I found myself lost in a pity party. (A reminder of something I wrote last year around this time – ah, the cyclical nature of an accountant’s job!  “No one wants to come to my pity party!“). The worst was Friday morning – I felt utter exhaustion and frustration and patience was thin. On the drive to school, my 3-year-old declared over, and over, and over again in this mean, pouty voice (a voice I didn’t believe I’d face until the teenage years) that she did not want to ride in Mommy’s car. Then she refused to give me a hug when we arrived at school. No idea why – a stab to the heart!

But now it is Sunday night, and I sit back to consider my week. I recall my crappy Friday morning, but it is quickly replaced by thoughts of simple, little gifts. Small things which seemed insignificant at the time. Yet these are the things I remember now…


*Family dance night with the Wii Just Dance for Kids – watching my son shake his booty and my daughter spin around the room. Thankful for this little family and the home we have together!

*Flowers from husband – just because! A reminder that I am blessed with a partner who supports and loves me!

*The cheery declaration from my daughter after a long day that she “likes flowers, rainbows, butterflies and grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are awesome!” A reminder that 3-year-olds are funny, creative and full of life and I am blessed to know this sweet girl (even on those days when she’s not so sweet)!

*A timely text from a friend asking how things are, sharing in the challenge of balancing career and family. The realization that I’m not alone in this journey and am blessed with many dear friends.

*Adoration from our two dogs when I arrive to a dark and quiet house late at night; my family is asleep (as they should be) but those dogs wake up and act like seeing me is the best thing that has happened all day! Thankful for the unconditional love of pets.

*The sound of my son reading a book aloud, cuddled close to his little sister; thankful for their friendship and amazed at how mature and knowledgeable he has become.


So I dwell on these moments, and my soul calms. These small moments of joy erase the frustration, eliminate residual anger, and make the exhaustion seem manageable!

I believe these moments are an example of how God places little gifts in our lives to show His hope and love!

I realize my adversity is small – a crappy week at work is a very minor problem; a “first-world” problem if you will. But the point holds true in all challenges we encounter. When sucked into darkness, seek these little gifts where God is revealed. In those inevitable moments of deep pain and hurt, stop and ask God to show his presence; and then keep your eyes open! Signs of hope, life, light and love are all around us. Allow those things to be where you dwell!

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2 thoughts on “Seeking light in the darkness

  1. Your commitment to this blog in even the busiest of seasons for you is remarkable, Brooke. I found myself tearing up as I read this post — not sure why. I’m just grateful for the reminders of God’s continual presence with us! Thank you for your perseverance and for sharing your gift of writing and your gift of faith!


    • Thank you, Tanny, for your kind words and constant support and guidance! AND thank you for Faith Leaders and its role in my writing and heightened awareness of God’s presence! (Now you are making me tear up!!)


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