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Reflection and Commitment – 100 Sundays later…


100 Sundays have gone by since I committed to writing each week about faith and family. 100 Sundays; nearly 2 years! Some Sundays held stories developed and perfected for weeks, while others were thrown together in an hour late on a Sunday night. Yet each week, words were written, failures shared, life captured.

When I started this journey, I was confident that I could actually write down words each week – but unsure if it would actually make a difference. In About Me I stated that my goal was to find an outlet to write about the God moments our family experience each day and to encourage others to seek these moments in their own lives.

Stepping back to look at 100 Sundays of writing – have I met my goal? I know that I have been personally enriched. I am more aware of how and where God works. Though I wonder if at times I try so hard to simply pull out a good story from my week that I miss a deeper meaning God has for me.

Even after 100 Sundays I still face the same failures: I avoid speaking truth for fear of confrontation; I hold onto resentment; I dwell in anger; I question if I am living this earthly life to the fullest potential. We all have a list like this. It can be crippling to dwell in those failures; detrimental if we allow these sins to stop God’s work! (That is Sin in action – our inability to fully fear and trust God!)

We are human and we are filled with Sin and no matter how hard I try I cannot achieve perfection. So I find myself writing about these similar themes week after week. What this writing experience HAS done is help me more quickly recognize and own my flaws; and then through pause and prayer, acknowledge and seek God’s presence to cope with my flaws and better show God’s love.

Beyond myself, 100 Sundays of sharing my simple stories has allowed me to reconnect to people (my husband, kids, friends, coworkers, strangers) in a deeper way. I have conversations about faith with people I would not have expected before, in places I wouldn’t have considered before. Writing each week, allowing myself to be vulnerable behind a computer screen, has helped me find my voice in the moments that matter. The freeing and wonderful thing is that it is not MY words that must be said. I fall back on this:

And when they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not be anxious about how you should defend yourself or what you should say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”   Luke 12:11-12

100 Sundays in I must decide – do I continue pushing myself to write each week, or do I step back? Is there another mission God has in store for me? A little part of my mind thinks having one less plate to juggle each week might be nice. But my heart screams at me – keep writing!!

I asked this question of myself – has God equipped me to use my passion for writing for His work? It is kind of a loaded question – of course God will work through the words that I write. But God will be at work through absolutely anything we choose to do in His name. God IS at work!

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7 thoughts on “Reflection and Commitment – 100 Sundays later…

  1. God is certainly at work through your gift of writing, Brooke! Your words have touched and inspired me, and I so admire the honesty with which you share your fears and failures, not just your triumphs. Your family and your readers are blessed to have you helping them look for God everyday. So whatever you decide to do about the continuation of this blog, just know that I thank you wholeheartedly for each word you’ve shared here! May God bless you in whatever doors He opens for you!


  2. Brooke – I can’t believe it has been 100 Sunday’s. That
    Just seems too hard to believe but what a blessing you
    Have been to my life through your posts. I have gotten
    To know you and your family in ways I wouldn’t have been
    Able to and I am thankful for that. You are a blessed writer. Thank You for all you do and keep giving God the glory.

    Thank you dear sweet friend!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Thank you for reading and sharing and always setting the example of how to live out our faith!! So blessed you are my friend!!


  4. I can’t believe it’s been 100 Sundays ago that we were coming to the end of our year in Faith Leaders together. Your weekly messages inspire me and challenge me to think about my faith in new and deeper ways. Your messages are such a blessing in my life. Thank you, Brooke, for sharing your beautiful family stories with us. God bless you and your wonderful family!


    • Keryl – thank you, thank you for the kind words and for sending a note! I had not made that connection that 100 Sundays ago also meant the end of Faith Leaders. I miss that time together, and the opportunity to be so focused on faith as a community!! Blessings to you!


  5. Definitely keep writing! God is on the move!


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