Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Making the most of my procrastination

I am yet again stuck on a Sunday morning with nothing started on today’s post. I’ve done this to myself a lot lately – and it is not normally how I operate! I prefer to thoroughly plan, develop and execute tasks. I would not save homework for the last minute, I was rarely forced to cram for tests. So why do I continue to put my weekly writing off until the morning it is “due”?!? Continue reading

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Sustained Peace

My 7-year-old has been super emotional lately. Any small little thing will set him off into uncontrolled tears. His sister won’t let him play with her toy, or we say ‘No’ to that 3rd book at bedtime – then tears flood like it is the end of the world! Continue reading


Little miracles work in big ways

I’m a planner. I want to maintain control over the day-to-day flow of my life. (Those of you that know me in any way are thinking – “duh!”) Sometimes life doesn’t go as I’ve planned – yet it ends up being exactly what needed to happen. I’ve noticed a number of little unplanned events lately that have worked so very perfectly I couldn’t have planned them myself. Continue reading


When there is nothing to write about…

I put off writing this week, waiting for something inspiring to happen. We just made it through Holy Week and Easter – an ample supply of God moments! But now it feels as if my eyes have been closed. This week it seemed that I spent more time fighting with my 3-year-old than experiencing moments of love with our family. This week I found myself lost in the schedule and far too focused on the next task to pay attention to what God was doing. Sure, there are little stories from the week – little moments of grace and God’s love at work. But no earth shattering, captivating stories to share! Continue reading