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Little miracles work in big ways


I’m a planner. I want to maintain control over the day-to-day flow of my life. (Those of you that know me in any way are thinking – “duh!”) Sometimes life doesn’t go as I’ve planned – yet it ends up being exactly what needed to happen. I’ve noticed a number of little unplanned events lately that have worked so very perfectly I couldn’t have planned them myself.

A rare open weekend allowed us to be home, available to be hospitable at the last minute. Sure, you can come stay with us! Yes, we can help watch your kids! How lucky that we were free! (Seriously – the odds of finding a weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar to get in the way is a miracle in itself!)

A cancelled soccer game at 9:30 am for a group of 3-year-olds (who would have hated the cold temps anyway) is initially met with disappointment. But in the end, we were able to stay in pajamas in the comfort of our own home and enjoy a delicious, warm, big family breakfast and much needed conversation afterwards.

Actually having my cell phone with me at church (which never happens) on the one Sunday when some dear friends were looking for a church to attend. What a coincidence!

These are little things, I know. But how do these little things shape life in the long run? What trajectory do these moments set us on that we couldn’t have planned or predicted ourselves? Easy to think: “How fortunate I must be. I got lucky a few times – nothing more!”

But after a few such instances (big or small), it seems too good to be true. This is not just luck – a bigger thing is at work, and a larger hand is involved!

God reveals his presence in more than just the big miracles. God is there in the little, seemingly insignificant day-to-day events – and sometimes you have to look really hard! But I believe God works in big ways through the little things. To say “we just got lucky” is a cop-out. 

I had already begun to ponder and write on this subject. (Did not wait until the last minute this week!) I know – these are not earth shattering ideas here; I’m not writing anything new. It’s one of those things we learn when we’re young, and it is easy to forget as we become an adult. Or we become cynical; distrusting of the idea that a higher power could be at work in our favor.

Then late in the day on Saturday, my quick scroll on Facebook found this, which more concisely highlights the point I’m trying to make:

Jesus Calling

A coincidence that I came across this? I think not! So many little things fall into place. It is more difficult to believe it is all left to chance! I desire to know how God is working in my life each day, in each and every little way! How blessed we are when we open our eyes and see God at work!

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2 thoughts on “Little miracles work in big ways

  1. Thank you Brooke for reminding me to look for God in all the little things. I love reading your stories about your kids and your life and finding God everywhere in all that you do. You are a blessing!


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