Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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To be a person who Prays

My 4-year-old daughter is becoming quite the little pray-er in our family. More often, she will skip over the routine table grace or bedtime prayer and say something all on her own. “Father – thank you for our food. Thank you for our family. Thank you for food.” She doesn’t over-think it; she speaks what is in her heart and her mind in that moment – which is what prayer is really supposed to be. A constant, casual link to God! Continue reading

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Unexpected community connections

Community is a powerful thing.

Our little family joined Friends Camp at the outdoor ministry camp we support (and I frequently write about). These “Friends” are big supporters – through their time, prayers, and financial giving. They come to camp to learn about the many ways God works through camp ministry. I remember watching this group visit camp each year back when I was on summer staff. My naive self wondered if they were simply interested  in learning if their investment was yielding result. They seemed unreachable. So this week, I felt inadequate when we first arrived at camp:

“You must have made a mistake. There is no way that we are anywhere near as important as these life-long, big-time supporters! We can leave if you’d like…” Continue reading

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When hate creeps in, we must cling to Love!

Summer has arrived. We go to baseball games, eat ice cream, stay up late watching movies, run through sprinklers in the backyard; a child’s dream come true! But with these joyful things come late nights and, long, hot days – followed by the sound of bickering children.

I used to pride myself on how rarely my kids fought. But now – at age 4 and 7 – we are entering a new phase of arguing. The younger sister can hone in on exactly what will make her older brother mad. My son just can’t seem to figure out when his little sister is not in the mood for playful taunts. Continue reading

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Church: Noun or Verb?

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the state-wide gathering of congregations for my Nebraska ELCA church. It was good – the experience fostered hope and a sense of unity in our purpose!

My husband and I arrived home late yesterday, and today was filled with activity – the frantic attempt to put our home life back in order: clean the house top to bottom, attack the piles of laundry, re-stock the fridge. A day of busyness and action – but certainly nothing to feed that sense of call I was left with after the assembly; a call to do more, be more, witness more! Continue reading