Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Positive Perspective

There are so many things I could whine about… work is too hard, I need more vacation time, my kids are fighting, we can’t seem to keep the house clean, there is never as much money as we want. It is so easy to complain!

As I begin to write this post, I am sitting in the car just beginning an 8-hour drive home from a weekend getaway. The kids are whining, we’re surrounded by gloomy fog, and the interstate is packed with holiday travelers, all dreading the imminent return to reality on Monday morning! Continue reading


An Introvert: Learning to be Light

Shyness (easily confused with aloofness) is one of my less appealing character traits. Throughout life, I’ve worked hard to avoid talking to people. What if I say the wrong thing, or I don’t know what to say?!? Not an enjoyable way to live in the world… Continue reading


When we forget to seek presence

I seem to be writing about despair a lot lately; like that person who only has bad news to share at the party. Despair has been found through conversations with dear friends who feel broken, reading and listening to others who publicly declare their despair, and feeling moments of hopelessness myself. Oh, sure – there has been lots and lots of joy, too! But I keep coming back to discerning what, exactly, are we to do with this human emotion of despair! It seemed to plateau this past week as I both experienced and witnessed intense emotions at the conclusion of a divisive election. Continue reading

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Sweet Victory

Perhaps you heard the news this week… the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year drought to win the 2016 World Series of baseball.  Big news – hard to miss! Cubs fan or not, you have to admit that it was a historical moment and exciting to watch if you enjoy the game of baseball. Plus it gave us some respite from this vicious political season! Continue reading