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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Is it time to celebrate Christmas yet?!

As we quickly approached Christmas, I heard the following question countless times:  “Are you ready for Christmas?” I asked this question myself a few times. I know what it implies – trust me…

Did you purchase and wrap the perfect gift for all of your friends and family? Is the house clean and the decorations immaculate? Have you planned the perfect menu? Did you fight the grocery store crowds to purchase 10 packages of cream cheese and every variety of booze your guests could desire? 

My answer every time, of course, was a stressful “No!” Continue reading

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A Journey: Frustration, chaos and JOY

Through the years, I’ve heard numerous pastors and church leaders proclaim “There is Joy in the Journey!” Sometimes this phrase might seem cliche or overused – but I think there is deep truth in these words. My own Pastor proclaimed just this past week that Joy, unlike simple happiness, is an awareness of God’s grace within brokenness. Joy is knowing God’s presence as we maneuver down this winding path we call life!

Pondering this “Joy in the Journey” is especially important as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. This season is supposed to be a time when followers of Christ remember and celebrate Joy through the gift of Jesus. God chose to be present with us – Immanuel – in the form of a baby in a stable! So simple, such humility!

Yet real life gets in the way as we try to experience joy through this celebration. This journey often comes with deep confusion, chaos and pain.  Continue reading


Leave some holes in the calendar!

Every December, I reach a point where the multitude of Christmas-themed events begin to take over my life. Squeeze these fun events alongside the normal chaotic balance of work and parenting, and that Christmas outing becomes just another “to do” on the calendar. I forget what we are celebrating!

I reached that point today. The people, the noise, the lights, the endless rich foods and drinks – it all left me overwhelmed! Some people thrive on this type of activity – I do not! I know enough about myself to understand that chaos – fun or otherwise – quickly leads to anxiety, which during the Christmas season leaves me forgetful of what we are doing it all for! Continue reading


Thinking About What Others Need

As I reflect on the last 8 or so years that I’ve been a parent, I feel I have been inadequate in teaching our kids how to live with a servant heart, always focused on the needs of others. Sure, we talk about it, but have I led by example? Continue reading