Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Sibling Harmony

It has been fascinating to listen to my kids interact lately. For so long, my 8-year-old just tolerated his little sister. Sure, he showed kindness and love towards her from the day she was born – but he was not always sure what to do with her. Continue reading


When there is nothing profound to say

As an accountant, you might think I spend my entire day creating formulas and compiling numerical data. This is mostly true – much of my day is spent in an excel spreadsheet. And I’ll admit, a balanced spreadsheet brings me great joy – something you non-accountant types will never understand! Continue reading

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The calm and the chaos

Saturday held three soul-lifting events all rolled into one experience; a moment of time to revive my spirit! I was able to (1) go for a run, which happened to take place (2) outdoors through tree-lined trails located (3) at the camp I so often declare to be my spiritual “home away from home!” Continue reading