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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

When Logistics Get in the Way

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The tagline for this blog is “Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday!’ Saturday held events which were not “everyday” and God was most definitely present!

The past week was a busy one; big deadlines at work (again), soccer, kindergarten round-up, church commitments, doctor appointments, meetings. We had joyful events on Saturday to look forward to. But as the week wore on and the opportunity for sufficient sleep evaporated, my husband and I allowed the logistics of the day get in the way of our excitement for these important events.

Can we make it to both events on time? Do we really have to spend that much time in the car? Is it too much to ask to just have a day at home?

How so very selfish of us.

Yet Saturday came. We scheduled out the day, we executed the plan. My husband and I acknowledged our selfishness and allowed ourselves to live in the moment. And it was a Spirit-filled day!

The first and most important event on this Saturday was a friend’s ordination – the formal ceremony to officially become a called pastor. Early on a stunningly beautiful Saturday, we got dressed up and then sat in the car for over two hours, arriving at an old church in small town Nebraska with time to spare. We worshiped together; the Spirit alive through prayer, song, communion and laying of hands. I was excited my kids could watch someone they know commit herself to God and the ministry of the church! It was an honor to celebrate such a significant life event for our friend, and convicting as a person of faith!

An address read at the ordination:  “All baptized Christians are called to share in Christ’s ministry of love and service in the world, to the glory of God and for the sake of the human family and the whole creation.”

After the long service ended, we enjoyed a quick dessert, some hugs and pictures, and then it was back in the car.

Five hours in the car with two young kids had seemed daunting. But the kids enjoyed the time to read and color together, and my husband and I enjoyed the opportunity for conversation. With these busy lives we cling to, sometimes a long ride in a comfortable car is just what we need! We talked, laughed, discussed questions of faith and ministry, life and parenting. We took time to step back, confess to ourselves the selfishness we experienced as we prepared for this day, and I think found redemption and forgiveness.

We arrived at our house for an amazing 10-minute costume change, then back in the car for our next event. The kids were safely deposited with a babysitter, and we arrived at the annual fundraising event for the church camp we are associated with. At this special event, we had the opportunity to re-connect with old friends and leaders in the church, to raise funds for an important ministry and have an enjoyable evening out. Most importantly, this event allowed us to hear and share the story of how God works through outdoor ministry to impact the lives of children, college students and adults!

My husband and I had been stressed about this extraordinary day, yet in reality we were able to to experience God’s presence with people from all areas of our faith journey. We have a wide, supportive web of people which surround us as we step forward on this journey of faith! How blessed we are to be a part of such a community!

This special Saturday gave us reasons to rejoice in God’s presence, and reminded us that logistics should not get in the way of living life and experiencing God’s presence – for special events AND in the everyday!


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