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Sometimes we try too hard to find Joy!

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As this posts, my husband and I should have arrived safely at our resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I might be already lounging by a pool, fruity drink in hand. Or eating fish tacos at a pool side bar. (Hopefully we are not stuck in an airport somewhere, or fighting with an airline about lost luggage!)

During the last few weeks, we have spent a lot of time scouting out Cabo pictures and online user comments. (How did people prepare for trips before the internet!?) To be honest, we’ve been stepping into this dream-world for months! I first wrote about browsing internet pictures of this resort back in February! (The calm and the chaos!) I had the suitcase pulled out 3 weeks before our departure. At times throughout the last few weeks it has felt a bit obsessive!

My husband and I spent so much energy being excited for this trip. I actually began to worry about the let down I would experience after we returned. What an entitled way to think about life! Clearly I know better! Joy is all around me and I do not need to be in an all-inclusive resort to find it!

In my guilt and shame about being TOO excited about Cabo, I tried to talk about our upcoming trip less. (*Key word – tried!) I opened my eyes to recognize the many joyful things I get to experience at home. Cuddles with my kids on the couch, walking and talking with my daughter, long early morning runs in my neighborhood, playing basketball with my son while we wait for the school bus… These are just the easy ways to know joy. There is also the joy experienced by helping a friend, by being a part of a church community or by taking advantage of moments to live out my faith with colleagues.

These are examples of the opportunities every single day to find joy. But right now, I am away from all of this, enjoying quiet serenity, and even a little pampering. I will take advantage of this time to escape! I will read, write (a lot!), and reinforce that connection between myself and God. I will spend time in real conversation with my husband about faith and family – something more than just discussing our schedule. As a couple we can talk about more than who is picking up who and did you buy milk at the grocery store!

There will be some vacation let down when we return – guaranteed. (I’ll admit it – being handed a cocktail while lounging by a pool is quite enjoyable!) But a desire for that materialistic joy will not define my being. Joy is all around! I just need to open my eyes and see it!!


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