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A time to rest; A time to write!


It has been three months since I last sat down to write this blog. I sit at Panera, my “go to” spot for a quick writing escape. There is a hot cup of hazelnut coffee within reach. I can spot the same table of retired folks I’ve seen here for years, gossiping and drinking coffee for hours. Headphones in, laptop ready to go! And now I must write…

I have felt a bit anxious as this week approached. Early this summer, I wrote that I needed to take a break. (I know when I need a break!) After 3 years of posting a writing every single Sunday night, I declared that “I did not even want to write… not even a little. I felt obligated to write, which was never my intent.” So I took a break, challenging myself to start again with weekly writings on September 10. I hoped I would approach this date with clarity and a new perspective!

As we roared through the fun and busy summer months, I’ll admit it was nice to have one less thing to do. I rarely felt the twinge to write. I felt a bit guilty about that, and increasingly anxious as September approached. What if there is nothing for me to say? What if I have forgotten how to do this?! This would be terrible! I cherished my time to write! So I waited – assuming God would whisper to my heart when it was time to write again.

I have a very dear friend coping with chaos. Over the years, our communication has been off and on. But in the last few weeks we have been connected, sharing real life problems and deep questions of faith. We’ve shared conversations and many long texts. I sincerely hope our connection has helped her identify God at work amidst her chaos, and I pray God uses me to relay a message of love. God loves, God IS love! God is near!

The amazing thing is that these opportunities for connection with my friend have been SO good for me! I write to her, but the message I share holds true for me, for all! I write that God desires for his creation peace, hope, love and joy. I write of the importance of seeking God’s presence and daily making time to refocus our mind and heart on God. We acknowledge that our awareness of God’s constant presence helps us maneuver this complex and over-stimulating world. We reflect that sometimes God works in ways we don’t expect; we look for evidence of a God that is near, often in ways that are outside our human expectations.

I am thankful for my friend, thankful for the ways we strengthen one another! I am thankful she has allowed me write her very long texts! I am reminded that for me, writing is a blessing. I sense again the joy experienced with awareness of God at work in the world!

So here we are… it is September 10th. I’ve written something, and I’m posting it for the world to see! (Or at least for the “tens” of people who decide to click into this blog!) This first week might be rough, but I hope writing is like riding a bike – a few spins around the block and it will come more freely! No matter what, I move forward, trusting God is near and trusting God will use me, use my writing to share the Good News of a God who is Love in this crazy world!

“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.”
Proverbs 16:1 (MSG)


3 thoughts on “A time to rest; A time to write!

  1. Reading this, I realize how much I have missed your posts. But I am grateful you gave yourself a much-needed sabbatical. Thanks, Brooke, for hopping back on the “bike” again!!


  2. Thank you Tanny for your constant support and encouragement! You are such a blessing!


  3. Welcome back, missed your blog.


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