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Keeping it Simple


Lately, I have done a ton of reading and writing. Unfortunately, it has been writing and reviewing lengthy memos explaining complicated transactions, their required accounting policies and references to the accounting standards which support them. (Very exciting stuff!)

Work is busy and messy and complicated right now. My mental energy has been given wholly to resolving problems at work. When I arrive home each day, one of two things will happen. (1) I have nothing left to solve even the simplest problems – like what to have for dinner. Or (2) I turn something simple into something very complicated. I tried to get together last night with friends. I made the whole thing so complicated (the where, the who, the food) that we nearly canceled the whole darn thing! For me, stress begets stress and anxiety compounds!

So Sunday arrives and I am faced with a deadline to post something meaningful for this blog. I am to write about God at work for my family, and I’ve got nothing! The material is there – if I tried even a little I could come up with a story! I have stacks of half-read books on the nightstand near my bed which could feed some meaningful study; great books, filled with insight and depth and space for faithful reflection! But I have no energy right now to read them! Instead, the first Harry Potter book sits on top of the stack. No mental effort required!

Why do I make this so difficult? The presence of God is meant to bring healing and peace. It is not meant to be complicated! Sometimes I yearn to dive deeply into theological knowledge; to read and re-read scripture and study the work of theologians and historians. I soak it up; I thrive on it!

But sometimes it is necessary to keep it simple. Time spent soaking quietly in the Light of God brings refreshment and renewal. Just sitting silently, meditatively is enough – allowing a quiet mind to sense the energy of a God who Loves within and around me no matter the distractions I face.

In my professional life, the next couple of weeks will get worse before it gets better. For those few people who actually read this regularly, please keep your expectations low! And maybe say a prayer or two for peace for me and the people that must coexist around me! By next Sunday, I may be reduced to the mental capacity to simply send out the lyrics of Jesus Loves Me and call it good!! But I’ll know that is OK. No matter how deep we are able and willing to go, knowing Jesus Loves Me is ultimately the knowledge we cling to!


2 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple

  1. Oh, Brook, I feel your anxieties and expectations (that we put on ourselves) I have been sick for more than a week, bad cough, headaches, body aches and absolutely no energy. I don’t even really remember putting together the email Bible study last week. but some how, God gave me the strength to complete my task, and I have had remarkable responses since Friday. Responses that have opened my eyes and stimulated me to think about new ways to serve God. Like you said, sometimes we expect more out of ourselves than others do. Sometimes, simple is better. Start with a seed and let it grow. We plant the seed- let it grow through the thought process of others. Feedback is great- but sometimes just sleeping on it, or putting it on that stack of books, and coming back at a later time, is the answer. We can’t do everything we want- when we want to do it. We have to remember we are on God’s time- not ours. Your blog is always interesting, thought provoking, and makes me think about m;y own Faith Journey. Sometimes we have to just slow down, keep it simple and listen to God!!!


  2. I will indeed pray for you, Brooke, and I hope you pay attention to your own wise words—that sometimes just sitting quietly is enough. So keep it simple and soak up God’s life-giving energy! Blessings, my friend!


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