Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Untangling the Weeds

Does it seem that we are increasingly quick to separate, divide, and deflect blame? There is a right and a wrong, the good and the bad. We avoid the gray areas and focus on our differences. If I can point out someone else’s faults, it makes me feel just a little bit better about myself. Maybe this is why my kids feel the need to tattle on each other… Continue reading

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Asking the Easy Questions

One week ago, Sunday morning… It was cold and dreary outside. I woke up extremely stressed about the things I hoped to complete that day. (So much for that day of rest.) The to do list continued to swim in my head; an impossible puzzle of tasks in a short span of time. My logical self couldn’t make sense of it! Continue reading

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Picking Fights

My kids are reasonably well-behaved when out in public. We get the occasional comment from a friend or stranger kindly acknowledging how polite they are. When this happens, I must make sure they know the truth… Do not be fooled! This is an illusion!

Yes, they’re pretty dang good, but they are NOT perfect. They bicker and fight just like all normal kids. They push each other’s buttons in an attempt to drive each other insane. They say something to the other solely to start a fight. The sibling responds, voices escalate, yelling begins, mom or dad get involved. This whole cycle brings nothing but negativity and distress to our family!

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