Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Making my self-created stress disappear…

We have about three functional work weeks between the long Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas. There are a ton of things to do – some which are tedious and many that are quite enjoyable. In the hustle, it all feels like chaos! That first week after Thanksgiving flew by, as I knew it would. Friday came, and I drove home after work feeling overwhelmed – consumed by the open tasks and decisions to be made before the end of the year. Tasks at work just piled up, the clock counting down way too quickly before year-end. I felt further behind in meeting my goals than I had when the week started! Continue reading

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Ask, Seek, Knock

I have patiently waited to use my last of three blog posts written by a friend as a Christmas gift last year. We had He is Enough back in January, and The least of these in May. I’ll enjoy my week off… But I encourage you to reflect on deep faith from the raw and intimate writing of my very dear friend! May you find comfort within your own unique life experience from the gift of her words! Continue reading

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New Challenges: trusting the right voices

Our family has discovered a new, local destination TreeRush, where you are harnessed in to “discover the excitement of zip lines, suspended bridges, rope ladders and other aerial surprises in an old-growth forest.” We visited once last summer and we were hooked! Recently, we decided to buy a season pass for 2020 – which means that the gifts under the Christmas tree this year will be very limited. But for some fun with family, thrill and adventure, and quality time outdoors, both kids seem eager to give up a few presents. Continue reading

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A permanent display takes on deeper meaning

My husband and I are helping guide the weekly Wednesday night adult study at church. The subject was assigned, and the group is currently trudging through Old Testament stories of judges and kings, wars and a seemingly spiteful God. The Old Testament comprises the bulk of our Bible, but at times is the most challenging to relate to within the context of the Christ-following journey we find ourselves on today. Continue reading


A Special Event

I decided to enlist some help for my post this week. My 11-year-old had his first communion last Sunday. The family gathered around as he ate the bread and drank the wine (which he loves, by the way)! It was a meaningful experience. I don’t remember much about my first communion. It happened at the same time as 8th grade confirmation (a rite of passage in most Lutheran churches) and I was probably just happy to be done with two years of classes! Continue reading


Big Celebrations and Simple Joys

I hit a milestone birthday this weekend. For months, people have asked how I planned to celebrate. No one seemed to believe that I would be quite content in my pajamas at home, watching a movie with a glass of wine in hand, to honor the moment 40 years of existence passed. Continue reading

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Women of Faith: Embattled, Equipped, Empowered

My social media feed was filled earlier this week with people blasting the words of a certain pastor who trash-talked Beth Moore: American evangelist, author, Bible teacher – and a woman. Unabashedly, this so-called leader of faith mocked and disparaged the role of women in ministry to a crowd of laughing pastors. (Basically declaring there is no role for a woman in church leadership…) Continue reading