Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


Sometimes a Reminder is all we need

My 9-year-old made a New Year’s Resolution: he would write in a journal every day. We sat together on his bed a couple of nights ago, and he showed me what he had written so far; little stories about his day, a note about a math test, frustration over a playground argument. I’m not sure where this sudden urge to write came from, but he seemed pleased with himself and eager to share. Continue reading


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Learning what Love looks like

My son is 9 years old, just started 3rd grade. Sometimes I step back and pause in disbelief… What happened to the last 9 years?! A big kid is before me where a chubby little toddler once stood! Time passes quickly and the way my son sees the world has changed. Continue reading

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Positive Perspective

There are so many things I could whine about… work is too hard, I need more vacation time, my kids are fighting, we can’t seem to keep the house clean, there is never as much money as we want. It is so easy to complain!

As I begin to write this post, I am sitting in the car just beginning an 8-hour drive home from a weekend getaway. The kids are whining, we’re surrounded by gloomy fog, and the interstate is packed with holiday travelers, all dreading the imminent return to reality on Monday morning! Continue reading


At a “meeting with Mommy”

On a beautiful Sunday morning in August, I dragged my 8-year-old with me to a meeting at church. We were nearing the end of a long mission and vision planning process – which I’ve written about before…see “A view from the street” – and it was time to present the plan to the congregation. My husband was playing with the praise band, and the 4-year-old would spend the hour in the nursery. (No chance I would attempt to sit through a meeting with her!) But my son… he is a mature 8-year-old, passionate about connecting to God and church community. Of course he can come to this meeting! He’ll love it! Continue reading

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Seeing God

My 4-year-old daughter sat quietly in the back seat as we drove home from daycare one afternoon. Then suddenly, she turned towards me and asked, “Mommy, why can’t we see God?”

My heart was filled with joy! Oh, yes – an opportunity to discuss faith with my daughter!! Continue reading