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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


“Completing” a task which is never truly complete

I completed the last course for the certificate program last week, four years in the making. Let’s revisit… what is a “Certificate?”

A certificate from Wartburg Seminary demonstrates either basic or advanced mastery in a specialized area of ministry or theological studies… This certificate is earned by the completion of eight courses, taught in a combination of online and on-campus intensive courses, covering Bible, church history, theology, and electives. Continue reading


Rest, Reveal, Respond

In the week following Memorial Day, our little family took an actual vacation in the midst of a pandemic. I can hear the audible gasps now. Do not be alarmed! I can assure you that we made very safe choices and remained socially distant the entire time. We kept to ourselves in a small cabin in the Black Hills of South Dakota. For most of our stay, I felt more secluded there than in our normal sequestered life here at home in the Omaha metro. Continue reading


Deeper Still

First thing tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:00 am, I begin the very last class for my 8-course online Certificate in Theological Studies. My final class is an introductory study of the Hebrew Bible. The goal, as written in our syllabus: To assist students in entering the delightfully diverse and expansive conversations of the Hebrew Bible in order to grow in their own understanding of biblical faith and to gain resources to continue the living biblical conversation in their places of ministry. This final class was intended to be live – in person within the walls of Wartburg Seminary! It is actually meant to be taken early during the Certificate program but I pushed it out, finding it difficult to commit to one full week away from home. Continue reading

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To Abide: a Passive or Active State

In a weekly zoom bible study this week, those little boxes on my screen filled with smiling faces spent time exploring the word “abide.” I had considered the topic myself for quite some time but had nothing insightful to add. So, I stayed silent the entire conversation – which left me uneasy, unsure if my musings had any purpose. Continue reading

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Beneath it all: Beautifully, wonderfully made!

Last weekend, the family and I journeyed 90-minutes out of Omaha – quite an excursion these days – to visit Indian Cave State Park and enjoy hiking along the Missouri River. Sure, we could have done this same thing a little closer to home. But it felt great to get away, and with that much distance between us and the Omaha-area there were far less people and fewer awkward attempts to maintain social distancing while passing strangers on the trails! Continue reading

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Finding Home, from Home

My 7-year-old daughter is getting fed up with this “stay at home” thing. She understands it – thank goodness. She’s mature enough to comprehend why it is important that we stay home, and recognize that this is something we must do. This would have been so much harder two years ago! Amazing the growth we’ve seen in the logical thought process from this spunky little girl… Continue reading

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A constant truth in a changing world

I realized this week that I have not really allowed myself to feel anything the last few weeks. I ponder the strangeness of our new reality, help make decisions about how to adapt, wonder how many weeks/months this will actually last… But I have not felt anger or sadness for my own current reality. Continue reading

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A big responsibility for changing times

It is a challenge to find the right words to share at this moment. The “right words” do not exist. There are memes and social media posts and news articles out there which have said it all, expressing the confusion and fears we all cope with. I’ve got nothing to add. So please – no expectations of any great insight here!

But writing soothes me; helps me to make sense of my own thoughts and feelings in uncertain times. There are many things I cannot do now, but writing and posting online is not one of them! Continue reading


Stop. Look up!

We all crave some sunshine in the middle of winter. Sometimes we do not realize how desperately we need it to help cope with the endless cold, dark days. The weather last weekend in my little part of the Midwest was incredible. We had warm temps and sunshine – on a weekend! It was sunny, blue skies and sixty degrees on Sunday… Sixty! Continue reading