Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


A Special Event

I decided to enlist some help for my post this week. My 11-year-old had his first communion last Sunday. The family gathered around as he ate the bread and drank the wine (which he loves, by the way)! It was a meaningful experience. I don’t remember much about my first communion. It happened at the same time as 8th grade confirmation (a rite of passage in most Lutheran churches) and I was probably just happy to be done with two years of classes! Continue reading


Big Celebrations and Simple Joys

I hit a milestone birthday this weekend. For months, people have asked how I planned to celebrate. No one seemed to believe that I would be quite content in my pajamas at home, watching a movie with a glass of wine in hand, to honor the moment 40 years of existence passed. Continue reading

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Women of Faith: Embattled, Equipped, Empowered

My social media feed was filled earlier this week with people blasting the words of a certain pastor who trash-talked Beth Moore: American evangelist, author, Bible teacher – and a woman. Unabashedly, this so-called leader of faith mocked and disparaged the role of women in ministry to a crowd of laughing pastors. (Basically declaring there is no role for a woman in church leadership…) Continue reading

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Reflecting on Success… and Failure

I am one of those crazy people who actually enjoys taking tests and being assigned a grade. I generally know exactly the level of effort needed to get the grade I want. This has actually come up a few times in recent weeks – there was some material for work which I knew a lot about. I joked that it would be “fun” to be given a test on the material as I knew I would be able to ace it! Yes – I know. Insane. Continue reading

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Classes have started up. I don’t mean my children’s school year, though that is also a true statement. The kids have been back for well over a month now, and I continue to be asked if my kids are back in school. A question quickly followed by “And how are things going?”

Starting a new school year seems a little traumatic and jarring as that first day approaches. But once it starts, you realize the value of routine! My kids thrive with a daily schedule. They know what is coming day to day, and the expectations for success are known. Continue reading

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A Permanent Display

Months ago I wrote about a little Hebrew word with a big meaning. Hesed (or chesed): God’s steadfast loving-kindness. (See Seeking Constant from Inside the Vortex.)

I wrote that I hoped to make this ancient word a tattoo. Well, on one miraculously free Saturday back in early March, my husband suggested that we head to the tattoo place. Sure, I said. They don’t give actual tattoos to walk-ins at this busy, reputable shop. I’ll go in, make the appointment, and leave myself with some time to be certain the placement is right – and more importantly that the Hebrew translation is right. Continue reading


Hearing Voices

A good friend recently set out to accomplish a task. She planned, she worked hard, she prepared. Last Sunday, after she had happily met her goal she shared with the Facebook world how good it felt, how important it was to set out to achieve something and then fight to do it. Continue reading