Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Understanding Love through “First” Communion

My son is preparing for his first communion, just a few short weeks away. He has met with the other fifth graders, their parents and our pastor on Sunday mornings to discuss what communion means and why it is important. Plus, give these highly-influenced kids the opportunity to be in community and engage in conversation about faith with peers and their parents. Continue reading

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Tangible Connections

When this posts, I should be lounging on a pool chair with a fruity cocktail in my hand, happily soaking up the Cancun sun with two very dear friends nearby. I was hesitant to admit this here… Two all-inclusive beach vacations in the same summer! It is almost too good to be true! The first trip was with family. This is a girls trip, with some overdue time to laugh, relax, and just be with two people who have been in my life for 20 years. Twenty years of weddings, babies, job changes, divorce, parenting woes. Some time to simply pause is a luxury we are not passing up! Continue reading

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Learning to do a Cartwheel

My daughter has entered the new world of second grade. Schoolwork is a little more difficult, expectations are higher. She’s not the youngest in the school anymore. With it, she decided to try brand new after-school activities. These are not activities her brother has done, nothing her dad or I participated in during a past life. We are jumping into gymnastics and swimming with no clue what we are getting into!

These sports are intimidating! You walk into rooms where these families have been passionately living in this world for years. We are clearly new, and so very naive. Continue reading

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Always Learning

There are many things people do not warn you about when you become a new parent. I have already blocked from my memory the many things I did not know from that precious yet terrifying baby stage… At this older stage, it is the impossible questions which have given me pause. It is not even the fact that they are asked, but the unpredictable timing! Continue reading


Breaking Bread, Finding Faith

My 6-year-old and I sat together at Panera for dinner the other night. (Seriously – I’ve written so often about writing or eating at Panera over the years of blog writing, I should get a royalty from the place…) She loves their soup – broccoli cheese on this occasion. She will tear a large chunk of bread, dip it in the warm soup, close her eyes and savor each bite. I love when she takes such pleasure from little things in life! Continue reading

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Cheating on my Homework, Part 2

As I mentioned last week in Part 1 of my two part series… I am taking an 8-week online class about the writings which provide the scriptural and theological foundations for Lutheran faith and practice. As this posts, I have two weeks to go – a bittersweet thought. How can you be eager for the homework to be done for a class you intentionally chose to take because you like doing the homework?? Continue reading

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Encounter Christmas

As my kids grow up, I see them experience Christmas in a slightly different way each year. Each Advent and Christmas season will come and go… I see them ponder, appreciating the purpose of Christmas in a way that goes beyond the lights and the presents and the cookies. Continue reading