Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Hearing the words again

How quickly time passes between Ash Wednesday (Ashes to Ashes: The Journey begins again) and Easter Sunday. Consumed by work, school, soccer and vacations, the days pass by and I yet again feel I did not set aside enough time to reflect during Lent. Prepared or not, we have now entered Holy Week. One last chance before Easter to consider how Jesus’ journey towards the cross should define my faith; define my very being. Continue reading



When there is nothing to write about…

I put off writing this week, waiting for something inspiring to happen. We just made it through Holy Week and Easter – an ample supply of God moments! But now it feels as if my eyes have been closed. This week it seemed that I spent more time fighting with my 3-year-old than experiencing moments of love with our family. This week I found myself lost in the schedule and far too focused on the next task to pay attention to what God was doing. Sure, there are little stories from the week – little moments of grace and God’s love at work. But no earth shattering, captivating stories to share! Continue reading

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Celebrating a different kind of “first steps”

At this time one year ago, we had a toddler in our midst. Our young daughter was in diapers, just learning to speak, still so very dependent on her dad and I to entertain her. But now, quite suddenly it seems, I have this little girl in front of me. She speaks real sentences and can tell us about her day, she can put on her own shoes (when she chooses to, of course), she is capable of controlling her emotions (sometimes), and we’ve been out of diapers for months and months! The time between age 2 and 3 holds an amazing transformation!

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