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How to Love? A surprisingly difficult question…

My 11-year-old and I were talking the other day. Sometimes, he told me, his little sister will say unkind words, or yell at him. He is a level-headed, non-confrontational kid (gets it from me), where his sister is bold, opinionated, and often speaks without thinking. I told him to be patient with her. She loves you, I said. She trusts you! When she is frustrated with the world, she knows she can take it out on you and you’ll still be around to love her back. I think my son understood – though that may not make it any easier to cope with a feisty little sister. Continue reading

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Cheating on my Homework, Part 2

As I mentioned last week in Part 1 of my two part series… I am taking an 8-week online class about the writings which provide the scriptural and theological foundations for Lutheran faith and practice. As this posts, I have two weeks to go – a bittersweet thought. How can you be eager for the homework to be done for a class you intentionally chose to take because you like doing the homework?? Continue reading

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Learning what Love looks like

My son is 9 years old, just started 3rd grade. Sometimes I step back and pause in disbelief… What happened to the last 9 years?! A big kid is before me where a chubby little toddler once stood! Time passes quickly and the way my son sees the world has changed. Continue reading