Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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New Challenges: trusting the right voices

Our family has discovered a new, local destination TreeRush, where you are harnessed in to “discover the excitement of zip lines, suspended bridges, rope ladders and other aerial surprises in an old-growth forest.” We visited once last summer and we were hooked! Recently, we decided to buy a season pass for 2020 – which means that the gifts under the Christmas tree this year will be very limited. But for some fun with family, thrill and adventure, and quality time outdoors, both kids seem eager to give up a few presents. Continue reading

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The paralyzing power of fear

Last week’s writing was all about fear. Specifically, that fear we carry for ourselves which holds us back from trying the scary and challenging things we desire to do. I might as well stay on topic and continue to encounter fear. But the focus this week is fear for others… which I suppose in the long run is also fear for ourselves. This is fear of our own ability (or lack of ability, I should say) to cope with loss, and lose our perceived grip on control. Continue reading

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Learning to do a Cartwheel

My daughter has entered the new world of second grade. Schoolwork is a little more difficult, expectations are higher. She’s not the youngest in the school anymore. With it, she decided to try brand new after-school activities. These are not activities her brother has done, nothing her dad or I participated in during a past life. We are jumping into gymnastics and swimming with no clue what we are getting into!

These sports are intimidating! You walk into rooms where these families have been passionately living in this world for years. We are clearly new, and so very naive. Continue reading

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Cheating on my Homework, Part 2

As I mentioned last week in Part 1 of my two part series… I am taking an 8-week online class about the writings which provide the scriptural and theological foundations for Lutheran faith and practice. As this posts, I have two weeks to go – a bittersweet thought. How can you be eager for the homework to be done for a class you intentionally chose to take because you like doing the homework?? Continue reading

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The Complicated Relationship Between Fear and Trust

It is easy to advise someone else: trust God and find peace! But sometimes I fail to take my own advice. I feel a need to have it “together” all the time; to be stoic and in control of my emotions. So the story I’ll share this week almost seems like a confession… Continue reading


Searching for hope in the shadows

We dropped our almost 8-year-old off this afternoon for his first week-long summer camp. Given our history with this particular outdoor ministry, this was a pretty momentous occasion for our family. (See Ministry with a little elbow grease.) I was eager to write about this big day. But given the senseless violence which has saturated the news this week, I feel I must assess our day from a different angle. Continue reading