Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Pay attention, then flip that inward focus out

I like helping other people. I enjoy that warm feeling of self-accomplishment when a friend or stranger can move forward in life with a big smile and a problem solved because of something I was able to do for them. How wonderful when I have the available funds, spiritual gifts, or on rare occasion the time to actually help another person.

Let’s just stay blissfully ignorant, content by how our actions exemplify who we are and self-justified that we are doing quite enough to proclaim the God we follow.

Too often I must be reminded it is not this simple. Continue reading


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What Others Need… Part II

During December, our little family made a conscious effort to serve others and focus less on our own wants and desires. We were not perfect – but we were better. We not only gave more, but we also talked more about what we have which others don’t, the difference between a want and a need, and our role in treating all people with kindness and respect.

There were many moments when I was in awe at how unselfish my kids can be. Sure, they enjoyed their gifts under the tree, but they never made it seem that Christmas was only about them. It was about laughter, time with family and seeking new ways to bring joy to others! Continue reading


Thinking About What Others Need

As I reflect on the last 8 or so years that I’ve been a parent, I feel I have been inadequate in teaching our kids how to live with a servant heart, always focused on the needs of others. Sure, we talk about it, but have I led by example? Continue reading

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Fighting the urge for instant gratification

Most of us live a spoiled life. Our culture is one of instant gratification. If we need something, we buy it; if we want something, we buy it; if someone else has it and we’re not even sure we’d use it, we buy it! We have this amazing thing called Amazon – you can find absolutely anything your heart desires and purchase it – then it arrives less than two days later. All from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading


Writing my Will; More difficult than expected…

My husband and I recently decided to amend our will. Late last year I joined the Foundation Board for a charitable organization which I care very deeply about. Our goal is to encourage donors to include this organization in their will – deliberate, planned giving at the event of death. So, I thought to myself, if I am going to encourage others to include charitable giving at their death, then I should too. Lead by example, right? Continue reading