Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Seeking Constant from Inside the Vortex

It was time to start writing – so I posed the question which I will occasionally throw out to my family. What should I write about this week?

We were sitting down to an impromptu mid-week dinner at a local Italian joint. The atmosphere was cozy, food was delicious, and wine was – well, flowing. The kids had learned only moments before that school would be cancelled the following day due to cold temps. We were joyful, relaxed! One of those simple yet perfect life moments. (To be fair, when there is wine and Italian food, joy will soon follow!) Continue reading


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He is Enough

A very dear and amazing friend gifted me with the most unique and wonderful Christmas gift. She wrote three blog posts for me to be used any week I choose. Well, we are still in the first month of the year and I’m ready to use my first free pass! My brain is fried, I have no words to share. So this week, I am happy to share these wise and faith-filled words from my friend! Continue reading


An Unexpected Opportunity to Help a Neighbor

Last fall, my husband and I were asked to lead a small group at our church: a dialogue on the refugee crisis. It wasn’t a topic we chose. To be honest, it is probably not something I would have picked if given the option. The facilitator books were really helpful, and led us through a 6-week discussion on Wednesday nights. Continue reading

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The Boomerang Blame Game

I have this bad habit… When I encounter some kind of problem or disagreement, I immediately begin to mentally run through the reasons why I am right and everyone else is wrong. Then I continue to dwell on it – to further convince myself that yes, I am most definitely right!

It is mentally consuming, and a major disruption in my attempt to live life. Continue reading

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Following the true light

I came across a quote somewhere this week. I wish I could remember where so I could give the author proper credit. Basically, this quote said that having the label of Christian does not indicate that the person is or even intends to be concerned about the well being of others. Yikes – harsh!! Yet, alarmingly, too often a true statement of what we encounter in the world… Continue reading