Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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The Promise of Life, Here and Now

In the name of finding creative ways to honor Holy Week, our family watched the 2003 epic film The Gospel of John. This three-hour motion picture is a word-for-word adaptation of the Gospel of John. The production quality is mediocre, and the fact that nearly the entire cast is Caucasian is mildly troubling. But it really does follow the text closely. I had the ESV Gospel of John in front of me for most of it, and the kids and I could track it almost perfectly. Continue reading

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Women of Faith: Embattled, Equipped, Empowered

My social media feed was filled earlier this week with people blasting the words of a certain pastor who trash-talked Beth Moore: American evangelist, author, Bible teacher – and a woman. Unabashedly, this so-called leader of faith mocked and disparaged the role of women in ministry to a crowd of laughing pastors. (Basically declaring there is no role for a woman in church leadership…) Continue reading

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Different stories, same ending

My daughter, at times, can be far too worried about what other people think about her. I try to say the normal parents things… “Be yourself. Worry about you!” Even though we should know better, we naturally let others’ perceptions define who we are. Continue reading


How to Love? A surprisingly difficult question…

My 11-year-old and I were talking the other day. Sometimes, he told me, his little sister will say unkind words, or yell at him. He is a level-headed, non-confrontational kid (gets it from me), where his sister is bold, opinionated, and often speaks without thinking. I told him to be patient with her. She loves you, I said. She trusts you! When she is frustrated with the world, she knows she can take it out on you and you’ll still be around to love her back. I think my son understood – though that may not make it any easier to cope with a feisty little sister. Continue reading

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Always Learning

There are many things people do not warn you about when you become a new parent. I have already blocked from my memory the many things I did not know from that precious yet terrifying baby stage… At this older stage, it is the impossible questions which have given me pause. It is not even the fact that they are asked, but the unpredictable timing! Continue reading

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Oil and Palm Branches

Holy Week has come and gone. This is, without question, my favorite time in the church year. From Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we have the opportunity to experience the Scripture. We get to walk through a week so devastating, yet so wonderfully perfect. The life and divinity of Jesus, his ministry and the wholeness of God’s steadfast love for his creation becomes real and honored. Each year we read the same stories, repeat similar worship traditions – yet this week is impactful deep, deep down in my soul in a way words can’t do justice. Continue reading

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Encounter Christmas

As my kids grow up, I see them experience Christmas in a slightly different way each year. Each Advent and Christmas season will come and go… I see them ponder, appreciating the purpose of Christmas in a way that goes beyond the lights and the presents and the cookies. Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change


Christmas – 2017

As I prepared for Christmas this year, I focused on keeping it simple and keeping it consistent. So, we’ll end up at the same house, same people, same schedule, practically the same menu and maybe even the same clothes. We’ll likely sit in the same spots as we gather around the same decorated tree to exchange gifts. I love that my kids have this simple tradition; each year, they are able to anticipate a warm and pleasant Christmas, celebrating with the people who love them the most! Continue reading

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Being a Sheep

When I walk towards the elevator at the end of a long work day, my eyes are usually glued to my phone. This is partly to take my mind off whatever unfinished business I’m leaving behind, but also to get an update on what I missed in my real life. On one particularly stressful day, I found this message from my 5-year-old’s teacher:

[Your daughter] had a great day! She went above and beyond today and I really appreciate it!” Continue reading

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Looking for “Lavish” Love

I was asked to respond to a question this week about “lavish love.” Where have I seen it in my communities? How did it offer an example of God’s active redemption? Did it result in transformation, abundance, healing or justice?

I struggled with the question. Sure, there a ton of stories of love. But are they lavish?! Continue reading