Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Weighty Reflections

I came across a meditation this week: The Divine Mirror (written by Richard Rohr and included at the close of his book The Universal Christ). I’ll attempt to summarize, and pray I do not mis-represent the words, themselves eloquent and very worthy of a full reading.

Rohr writes that a mirror receives and reflects back without judgement or commentary – we are the ones who add that. We know ourselves as reflected to us in another’s eyes, through which we receive our identity – either good or bad. When we learn to love anyone or anything, they have somehow “mirrored us truthfully yet compassionately to ourselves.” God’s mirrored message – when we choose to receive it – is good and life giving. (More words of wisdom on this are found here… I know my own quick summary is inadequate!) Continue reading

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Moving along a bumpy path

Last weekend the family had a big outing. We jumped in the car together and drove around local neighborhoods. Why not?! This is what makes for good weekend plans these days! I’m not sure if the kids would agree, but I actually found our “adventure” quite enjoyable. There are fun little neighborhoods in parts of town I did not know existed.  Continue reading

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Raising the next generation

There were a few moments during this past week when I found myself gazing at my dear children with sentimental reflection, considering what intelligent, kind, funny and wonderful little humans they are becoming. (To be fair, I also had moments of furrowed brow, seriously questioning their ability to make decisions and concerned about their overall lack of judgement… Thankfully their endearing moments are far more memorable!) Continue reading

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Understanding Love through “First” Communion

My son is preparing for his first communion, just a few short weeks away. He has met with the other fifth graders, their parents and our pastor on Sunday mornings to discuss what communion means and why it is important. Plus, give these highly-influenced kids the opportunity to be in community and engage in conversation about faith with peers and their parents. Continue reading

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Tangible Connections

When this posts, I should be lounging on a pool chair with a fruity cocktail in my hand, happily soaking up the Cancun sun with two very dear friends nearby. I was hesitant to admit this here… Two all-inclusive beach vacations in the same summer! It is almost too good to be true! The first trip was with family. This is a girls trip, with some overdue time to laugh, relax, and just be with two people who have been in my life for 20 years. Twenty years of weddings, babies, job changes, divorce, parenting woes. Some time to simply pause is a luxury we are not passing up! Continue reading

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Always Learning

There are many things people do not warn you about when you become a new parent. I have already blocked from my memory the many things I did not know from that precious yet terrifying baby stage… At this older stage, it is the impossible questions which have given me pause. It is not even the fact that they are asked, but the unpredictable timing! Continue reading


It’s weird being human…

My daughter (my youngest, my baby!) turned 7 years old yesterday. Allow me to be a little nostalgic… She’s had a tremendous amount of growth in the last year – she can read a chapter book, tie her own shoes, get herself dressed. She is incredibly independent and self-sufficient. She knows what she wants, and she will do what it takes to make that happen! (Even if that means deceiving her parents…) Continue reading


Breaking Bread, Finding Faith

My 6-year-old and I sat together at Panera for dinner the other night. (Seriously – I’ve written so often about writing or eating at Panera over the years of blog writing, I should get a royalty from the place…) She loves their soup – broccoli cheese on this occasion. She will tear a large chunk of bread, dip it in the warm soup, close her eyes and savor each bite. I love when she takes such pleasure from little things in life! Continue reading

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Picking Fights

My kids are reasonably well-behaved when out in public. We get the occasional comment from a friend or stranger kindly acknowledging how polite they are. When this happens, I must make sure they know the truth… Do not be fooled! This is an illusion!

Yes, they’re pretty dang good, but they are NOT perfect. They bicker and fight just like all normal kids. They push each other’s buttons in an attempt to drive each other insane. They say something to the other solely to start a fight. The sibling responds, voices escalate, yelling begins, mom or dad get involved. This whole cycle brings nothing but negativity and distress to our family!

Continue reading

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A simple weekend away

I LOVE fall camping trips… cool, crisp mornings, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the smell of campfire thick in the air.

Unfortunately, with soccer games, church commitments, and the overwhelmingly busy fall schedule, we have not made time for a September camping trip in years. But this year, we decided to make it work. We needed to make it work! Continue reading