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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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How being a parent STILL helps me understand God’s love!

My youngest child turned 5 years old this week. My baby has somehow become this sweet, independent, intelligent, compassionate little girl. She is someone I delight to be around – not just because she’s my daughter but because of the person she has become! Continue reading


The things to be thankful for

There are very few pictures of myself that I actually like. I always find something to critique – some flaw that I do not want captured for all of eternity! But last weekend, my husband snapped a picture while I wasn’t looking and I absolutely adore it! Continue reading


Me versus My Anxiety

I had a church finance board meeting one night this week. To be honest, these meetings have been difficult lately. I get it – it is important to responsibly manage the funds of our church. That light bill needs to be paid every month! But during our long meetings (often held after a full day of playing with numbers at work) I struggle to remember how this conversation is advancing God’s work in the world. Continue reading

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What Others Need… Part II

During December, our little family made a conscious effort to serve others and focus less on our own wants and desires. We were not perfect – but we were better. We not only gave more, but we also talked more about what we have which others don’t, the difference between a want and a need, and our role in treating all people with kindness and respect.

There were many moments when I was in awe at how unselfish my kids can be. Sure, they enjoyed their gifts under the tree, but they never made it seem that Christmas was only about them. It was about laughter, time with family and seeking new ways to bring joy to others! Continue reading