Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Picking Fights

My kids are reasonably well-behaved when out in public. We get the occasional comment from a friend or stranger kindly acknowledging how polite they are. When this happens, I must make sure they know the truth… Do not be fooled! This is an illusion!

Yes, they’re pretty dang good, but they are NOT perfect. They bicker and fight just like all normal kids. They push each other’s buttons in an attempt to drive each other insane. They say something to the other solely to start a fight. The sibling responds, voices escalate, yelling begins, mom or dad get involved. This whole cycle brings nothing but negativity and distress to our family!

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Rules: A love, hate relationship

I like rules. Rules tell me if I have met expectations, conformed with societal norms. My kids like rules – usually. Rules provide structure, keep them safe, help those little developing brains with messy decisions… “I want to make this unsafe choice on the playground. My friends will think it is cool. But my mom and dad would say no.

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Appreciating Boredom

I sat in church recently with my 4-year-old daughter. As worship was about to begin, she looked me in the eye and said – in that whiny “4 going on 14” voice – “Church is SO boring!” Oh, no child! Why would you say that here, now! People can hear you! You are only supposed to say sweet, adorable things that I can easily incorporate into a writing each week. What am I supposed to do with this?!? Continue reading

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Seeking patience, showing love

Patience = the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I envy people with patience! I have very little – which can be a real challenge with little kids around.

It seems that I’ve lost my patience more often than normal this week. I recall a meeting at work which was far from productive – and I lost my patience, became irritated and unfortunately made it known that I did not want to be there. Not very professional. Today, a Sunday morning, I had zero patience with my kids as we scrambled to get ready for church. They were bickering and whining – if I heard someone yell “Mommy” from upstairs one more time! They were ignoring my direction – is it too much to expect them to pick up those crayons the first, second or even third time I ask?! Continue reading

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Vocation, Occupation… Frustration!

I occasionally sneak over to Panera before work, set myself in a corner with some coffee and maybe a chocolate chip bagel, hook into iTunes, and then spend my time writing, praying, reading scripture and reflecting. I intend to stay for an hour, but it always becomes longer. Then I reluctantly pull myself back into the real world and drag myself to work.

At Panera

As I drive to work, I begin to come down from the “mountaintop” as I consider how I must leave this wonderful, spiritual experience and sit at my desk in front of an excel spreadsheet to do my job. Is this truly my purpose in life?? Continue reading


I don’t want to be a bewildered disciple!

The Bible is a long, living narrative – a story of God’s love which you and I are the present continuation of. Some books in the Bible do not have a good narrative “flow” and are so very difficult to read! But certain books truly read like a storybook. (Some books are actually more like a soap opera. Oh, the drama in the Old Testament!) Continue reading

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Always wanting more

My dear son Judson, who is now officially six years old, spent an afternoon with me at the zoo back in May. It was just the two of us. I was able to appreciate what life can be like when the timing of our outings is not dictated by naptime and we don’t need to drag out a stroller and diaper bag every time we leave the house!

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