Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Seeing God

My 4-year-old daughter sat quietly in the back seat as we drove home from daycare one afternoon. Then suddenly, she turned towards me and asked, “Mommy, why can’t we see God?”

My heart was filled with joy! Oh, yes – an opportunity to discuss faith with my daughter!! Continue reading


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Making the most of my procrastination

I am yet again stuck on a Sunday morning with nothing started on today’s post. I’ve done this to myself a lot lately – and it is not normally how I operate! I prefer to thoroughly plan, develop and execute tasks. I would not save homework for the last minute, I was rarely forced to cram for tests. So why do I continue to put my weekly writing off until the morning it is “due”?!? Continue reading

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Dying to sin: again, again and again…

Today is Easter; a day, I would argue, in which we honor the most important moment in our faith story. In Easter, in death and resurrection, we have life! It is the pinnacle of our belief, where we stake our claim and find hope!

So… we have God, who created all things. And God decided to reveal God’s self to us through Jesus; through a human man, humbled beyond imagination through death on a cross, a servant to all through his life and his death. But the world betrays him; he dies and is raised from the dead so that the sins of the world might be forgiven? Continue reading

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Honesty: Fosters Community, Builds Faith

My 7-year-old son and I sat close together in church one recent Sunday morning. The service was about to begin; music filled the air. He leaned nearer to me and said “Sometimes what I hear in the Bible is hard to believe.” Continue reading

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I do NOT have all the answers – and that’s OK!

My 7-year-old recently cornered me in the bathroom during the bedtime routine asking deep, intense questions about the Trinity; Three in One. (He’s done this to me before; though he was much younger at the time so the conclusion to my story was quite different! See Questions, Questions, Questions – But I’m no theologian!)

I simply could not keep up with his need to have fact fill the hole of human questions. So I said to him, “You know what buddy. This is hard to understand. But that is OK. How amazing that our God is so great that we can’t even fully understand his power!

Ah, that go-to answer – the mystery of faith!

Continue reading

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Seeking God’s peace in the “real world”

I wrote earlier this month about our family’s recent vacation in Washington DC. (See Blessed to be Family.) Visiting a city like Washington DC with a curious 6-year-old is like a flash course in American History 101. This kid had so many questions, and there is so much to learn! Continue reading