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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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He is Enough

A very dear and amazing friend gifted me with the most unique and wonderful Christmas gift. She wrote three blog posts for me to be used any week I choose. Well, we are still in the first month of the year and I’m ready to use my first free pass! My brain is fried, I have no words to share. So this week, I am happy to share these wise and faith-filled words from my friend! Continue reading


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Punish the Wicked – Or Not

How much energy do we lose angry at others? We’ve had a rough weekend dealing with an unfortunate reality in a dear friend’s life; a reality which has caused suffering for years and is hitting new levels of grief caused by the terrible decisions and actions of another person. In the midst of maneuvering reality, we have lost so much energy in anger! We handle the very real consequences one person’s actions have created, yet anger boils inside wanting to get out and attack! Continue reading

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A Journey: Frustration, chaos and JOY

Through the years, I’ve heard numerous pastors and church leaders proclaim “There is Joy in the Journey!” Sometimes this phrase might seem cliche or overused – but I think there is deep truth in these words. My own Pastor proclaimed just this past week that Joy, unlike simple happiness, is an awareness of God’s grace within brokenness. Joy is knowing God’s presence as we maneuver down this winding path we call life!

Pondering this “Joy in the Journey” is especially important as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. This season is supposed to be a time when followers of Christ remember and celebrate Joy through the gift of Jesus. God chose to be present with us – Immanuel – in the form of a baby in a stable! So simple, such humility!

Yet real life gets in the way as we try to experience joy through this celebration. This journey often comes with deep confusion, chaos and pain.  Continue reading

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Seeking God’s peace in the “real world”

I wrote earlier this month about our family’s recent vacation in Washington DC. (See Blessed to be Family.) Visiting a city like Washington DC with a curious 6-year-old is like a flash course in American History 101. This kid had so many questions, and there is so much to learn! Continue reading

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Lea and her little lamb – coping with loss

My daughter, like most 2-year-olds I’m sure, is very particular about which stuffed toy she has, and which blanket we bring along or have in bed at night. Trying to get her dolls through the washer is a disaster! She will inevitably request that particular doll at bedtime and freak out when I tell her she can’t have it! Continue reading