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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Was is Das? Faith through Questions

Warning: My thoughts this week definitely show the “nerdy” side of this Journey to Find God I keep writing about! I’m really into these readings from the 1500’s – writings by early leaders of the Reformation. It is surprisingly relevant hundreds of years later. How amazing that we connect to people who lived so many years ago, in a different part of the world, stumbling through life and coping with many of the same questions we face today.

Have you ever felt afraid to question your belief? Maybe it’s fear that you will ask a stupid question and show your ignorance? Maybe you are afraid questions equal lack of belief? Through asking questions, we might appear vulnerable. Continue reading


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One Voice, Loud Enough for All

During the past few weeks, the words “Reformation” and “Luther” actually made the mainstream headlines. That doesn’t happen very often! Stories of both history and hope for the future church were perhaps lost by some in the chaos of the media. Yet it was encouraging to see a theologian from the 1500’s scrolling the news feed! Continue reading