Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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How being a parent STILL helps me understand God’s love!

My youngest child turned 5 years old this week. My baby has somehow become this sweet, independent, intelligent, compassionate little girl. She is someone I delight to be around – not just because she’s my daughter but because of the person she has become! Continue reading


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The words we use

My kids know how to show love to the people they care about most. They show compassion and empathy. Their little smiles bring big joy when they see you, then run towards you with arms wide for a deep hug. Their love is such a blessing to me! Continue reading

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Real Joy

As we prepared to head to worship this morning, we plotted a fun afternoon visit to the salon for pedicures. My 4-year-old asked if she could get both her toenails and her fingernails painted. She asked, assuming the answer would be yes and she would get what she wanted. I said no. I could paint her fingernails at home. My daughter began to pout! I scolded her for selfish behavior and she immediately burst into tears. My reaction was perhaps a little too intense – but it was upsetting she was so concerned with wanting more that she forgot to be thankful for the gift she was to receive! Continue reading

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Building Better Memories

My son, now officially 8-years-old, has had opportunity for many fun, new experiences this summer… sleepovers, his first week at camp, his 8th birthday – which for some reason we seem to be celebrating for weeks! Meanwhile, his little sister has been there, sometimes quite content with her summer schedule, but at other times VERY envious of her brother’s ongoing escapades! Continue reading


Finding faith in an old, green hymnal

It is fitting that on Father’s Day I share a memory of a moment long ago with my Dad. I’m not sure how I remember this, or even if I am remembering this correctly. I have a terrible memory! Stories of my childhood are fuzzy visions, and I am uncertain if they are reality or made-up!

Our family attended a small country church on a dusty road near our home. Every Sunday morning, we saw the same people sitting in the same church pew. (We all sat towards the back of the sanctuary, of course, like good Lutherans do.) I remember being terribly bored, and finding creative ways to stay entertained so I would not have to actively participate in church. For my very young self, this church thing was difficult to understand and appreciate.

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Food and Faith

I wrote last week that my husband and I are leading an adult education class at our church on Wednesday nights. We are using a guided study on faith practices. Faith practices are ways to live out our faith as we grow in our discipleship. As Martin Luther said “Oh, it is a living, busy, active, mighty thing, this faith.Continue reading

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A Blessed Marriage: When faith is the foundation

This blog is supposed to be about my family’s journey to find God each day. Through this writing (public journaling?) process I have embarked on, I’ll admit I write mostly about my own thoughts (or fears or revelations or questions) or those I encounter with my kids. But I have written little about my husband. This is probably because his faith journey is his own, and not mine to share with the world. Continue reading