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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Parenting a Threenager? Remember Love!

We had ups and downs with our almost 4-year-old daughter this weekend. I could blame it on her not feeling well, or a long week at day care, or dreary weather. In reality, it was probably just an outcome of her personality. Continue reading



Parenting a strong-willed child

My daughter turned 3 years-old this week; Monday to be exact. We asked her what she wanted for her birthday party, and her response was “pink.” I did not know what that meant, but we went with it – pink cake, pink decorations, pink clothes, pink presents. Funny story – this little diva wakes up on the day of her party and declares she will wear purple. No, my dear girl. If you have convinced both of your grandfathers to wear pink, YOU will wear pink!!

Lea - birthday girl

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My grumpy attitude is NOT Christ-like!

I felt abnormally grumpy earlier this week. I have no real explanation. I certainly tried to come up with reasons – the cold, rainy weather, or the impending busy-ness at work, or my own lack of motivation.  But none of these things actually explained it. I just felt grumpy.

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