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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Celebrating a different kind of “first steps”

At this time one year ago, we had a toddler in our midst. Our young daughter was in diapers, just learning to speak, still so very dependent on her dad and I to entertain her. But now, quite suddenly it seems, I have this little girl in front of me. She speaks real sentences and can tell us about her day, she can put on her own shoes (when she chooses to, of course), she is capable of controlling her emotions (sometimes), and we’ve been out of diapers for months and months! The time between age 2 and 3 holds an amazing transformation!

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Parenting a strong-willed child

My daughter turned 3 years-old this week; Monday to be exact. We asked her what she wanted for her birthday party, and her response was “pink.” I did not know what that meant, but we went with it – pink cake, pink decorations, pink clothes, pink presents. Funny story – this little diva wakes up on the day of her party and declares she will wear purple. No, my dear girl. If you have convinced both of your grandfathers to wear pink, YOU will wear pink!!

Lea - birthday girl

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Lessons from my 2-year-old: Sometimes it’s OK to talk to strangers!

It seems that not so long ago I was “complaining” about having my 2-year-old in church with me. She does not sit still. She is her noisiest during the quietest moments of the service. It is so very difficult to actually pay attention to a sermon when I feel as if I am there just to corral my 2-year-old. But we have begun to reach the point where she will behave – most of the time – through church. I actually listen to the sermon – most of it, anyway!

I had forgotten just how much development happens during the third year of life!

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Time: that clock just keeps on ticking

We went out to dinner recently, just the four of us. My husband sat with our 6-year-old. They had a wonderful time talking, playing games and coloring the kids menu. I sat with our 2-year-old. I spent my time cutting up food, asking her repeatedly to just sit still, and attempting to figure out why she had taken her shoes off. I found myself looking ahead eagerly to the day when both kids were easy – wishing away ages 2 and 3! Continue reading

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Lea and her little lamb – coping with loss

My daughter, like most 2-year-olds I’m sure, is very particular about which stuffed toy she has, and which blanket we bring along or have in bed at night. Trying to get her dolls through the washer is a disaster! She will inevitably request that particular doll at bedtime and freak out when I tell her she can’t have it! Continue reading


Explaining Christmas to a toddler….

The Christmas season is so much more joyous when there are toddlers around! We have the opportunity to experience the “magic” of the season through their eyes. So fun to watch their reaction as they see the lights and decorations, taste the yummy treats and hot cocoa, sing and listen to the traditional holiday songs. Continue reading


Do we over-complicate faith?

My daughter, Lea, is nearly 2 ½ years old now – a time that has flown by, yet I can’t quite fathom was life was like without her! One of the things we notice about her when compared to her older brother (which you try not to do, but it inevitably happens) is that she speaks very well for her age. Continue reading