Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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The paralyzing power of fear

Last week’s writing was all about fear. Specifically, that fear we carry for ourselves which holds us back from trying the scary and challenging things we desire to do. I might as well stay on topic and continue to encounter fear. But the focus this week is fear for others… which I suppose in the long run is also fear for ourselves. This is fear of our own ability (or lack of ability, I should say) to cope with loss, and lose our perceived grip on control. Continue reading


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The least of these

I am cashing in on the second of three blog posts written by a friend for me to use any week I choose. (The first – He is Enough – posted late in January.) She doesn’t know it yet, but I will be expecting this Christmas gift every single year!! I love reading her words, plus a week off is kind of nice! Please read the faith-filled words from my good friend… Continue reading


The “Perks” Found on the Journey

It was nine very short weeks ago when I posted Diving In. I was preparing to start two fairly time-intensive faith formation studies, and I was faced with both excitement and trepidation. I asked myself: Can I really do both and give each the time and spiritual attention they need? Continue reading

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Tearing Down Invisible Walls

I often tell my kids:  Trust me! They should feel safe telling me or their dad about their thoughts, feelings and fears; always able to approach conversations with honesty. Questions are welcome. Truth is required! We must experience this trusting parent/child relationship now – practice for the future when more challenging life experience will inevitably occur! Continue reading


Pondering a Few Simple Questions

“Homework” as an adult takes on a whole new level of meaning and impact. For the Quest study I am participating in (see Diving In) I was asked last week to consider five different questions. Five questions which lead to reflection on relationship with God.

Two such questions: Where are you and Who told you that? To put these another way… Where are you in your journey with and towards having complete trust and faith in God, how does that define who you are and how you live in the world, and from who or what do you source your response? Continue reading

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The Boomerang Blame Game

I have this bad habit… When I encounter some kind of problem or disagreement, I immediately begin to mentally run through the reasons why I am right and everyone else is wrong. Then I continue to dwell on it – to further convince myself that yes, I am most definitely right!

It is mentally consuming, and a major disruption in my attempt to live life. Continue reading