Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Real Joy

As we prepared to head to worship this morning, we plotted a fun afternoon visit to the salon for pedicures. My 4-year-old asked if she could get both her toenails and her fingernails painted. She asked, assuming the answer would be yes and she would get what she wanted. I said no. I could paint her fingernails at home. My daughter began to pout! I scolded her for selfish behavior and she immediately burst into tears. My reaction was perhaps a little too intense – but it was upsetting she was so concerned with wanting more that she forgot to be thankful for the gift she was to receive! Continue reading



Thinking About What Others Need

As I reflect on the last 8 or so years that I’ve been a parent, I feel I have been inadequate in teaching our kids how to live with a servant heart, always focused on the needs of others. Sure, we talk about it, but have I led by example? Continue reading

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Looking beyond our own desires

My kids and I went to the store one night this week in search of a birthday present for my mom. We discussed on the short drive there what we might purchase – What does Mana like? What is her favorite color? I was at first met with blank stares; then my 3-year-old daughter suggested either a big scooter or pillows. I can say with certainty that her grandmother would NOT want a scooter and I have no clue what she meant by “pillows!” But I had a suspicion that both items reflected her own desires more than what she believed her grandma would want!
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Fighting the urge for instant gratification

Most of us live a spoiled life. Our culture is one of instant gratification. If we need something, we buy it; if we want something, we buy it; if someone else has it and we’re not even sure we’d use it, we buy it! We have this amazing thing called Amazon – you can find absolutely anything your heart desires and purchase it – then it arrives less than two days later. All from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading

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Trying to be content with what we have

One night this week I sat in my 7-year-old’s Star Wars bedroom, listening as he read to me from a storybook. We cuddled close on the bed and I glanced around the room. Over the summer we re-decorated the kids’ rooms. Our daughter now has a pretty purple room with flowers and butterflies; our son wanted Star Wars. This room has everything a 7-year-old boy could want; a custom made Lego shelf, Darth Vader stuffed pillow, a lightsaber nightlight, Star Wars everywhere you turn! I will admit that my husband and I are pretty proud of the work we did. But on this night he just seemed so small in this big room filled with things. Continue reading