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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Seeking Constant from Inside the Vortex

It was time to start writing – so I posed the question which I will occasionally throw out to my family. What should I write about this week?

We were sitting down to an impromptu mid-week dinner at a local Italian joint. The atmosphere was cozy, food was delicious, and wine was – well, flowing. The kids had learned only moments before that school would be cancelled the following day due to cold temps. We were joyful, relaxed! One of those simple yet perfect life moments. (To be fair, when there is wine and Italian food, joy will soon follow!) Continue reading


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We can’t control the weather

My daughter made this graham cracker “gingerbread” church last week. It was a work of art! She beamed with pride when people at church asked about her creation. She was eager to show her project to her grandparents. We carefully took it home and displayed it in the center of the dining room table.

As I set it down, I was confident it was outside the reach of the dogs. However, on the following morning I heard my husband gasp loudly, followed by a scolding of our two dogs (now cowering in a corner); and I realized that I had, sadly, been mistaken. The dogs could, in fact, reach the graham cracker church, and did desire to eat the hard, dried-out frosting and gumdrops! The structure was gone, with not a crumb remaining; just a sad, empty paper plate! Continue reading