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Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Connections in Times of Chaos

Yet another work deadline was completed yesterday. It was draining – emotionally, mentally. I was dead tired, desperate for a mental break and more than 4 hours of sleep. I woke up this morning excited for the day – the sun was shining, I would have the entire day with my family, and I would not be required to go anywhere near my office! But the need to write something for this blog hung over my head – another nasty deadline drawing my attention away from the real world. Writing is supposed to be an escape for me, not a chore; it makes me sad to reach this point! Continue reading



To Feed or Flourish

The last couple of weeks were busy – with work deadlines and kids’ commitments colliding in big ways! Looking back, I’m fairly certain I failed absolutely everyone in my life at some point. Those moments when you realize you can’t make everyone happy are discouraging. My family has encountered these weeks before and we’ll do so again, but each time we make it through and I feel called to reflect on my own actions and inaction. Continue reading


Leave some holes in the calendar!

Every December, I reach a point where the multitude of Christmas-themed events begin to take over my life. Squeeze these fun events alongside the normal chaotic balance of work and parenting, and that Christmas outing becomes just another “to do” on the calendar. I forget what we are celebrating!

I reached that point today. The people, the noise, the lights, the endless rich foods and drinks – it all left me overwhelmed! Some people thrive on this type of activity – I do not! I know enough about myself to understand that chaos – fun or otherwise – quickly leads to anxiety, which during the Christmas season leaves me forgetful of what we are doing it all for! Continue reading

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The Lone Thistle

A small group of friends from church recently spent a delightful 24 hours away from our busy lives, our cluttered homes and those “joy-filled yet sometimes soul-sucking” dependencies of our kids, to focus on fellowship, faith, service and connection. We stayed at a lovely retreat center in a place set apart. We had deep discussions and we worshiped together. We had time of fellowship and laughter around a campfire. We pulled ourselves in to be filled up so that we might be free to go out into the world sharing Good News. Continue reading

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All Day, Every Day

So, our son went to church camp. I might sound like a broken record by now,  but this was a BIG deal! It was a week my husband and I have been excited about since the moment we left camp, got married, and started our life together. It has now come and gone – and it was better than I could have imagined! Continue reading

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Ministry with a little elbow grease

For someone who spends their days inside an office staring at a computer, it can be deeply satisfying to get outside and do some physical work; especially when that work helps serve something with great purpose. My 7-year-old and I spent half a day this weekend at a nearby summer camp for volunteer day, helping to set up the site as summer and the arrival of hundreds of staff and kids fast approaches. Continue reading


Reflection and Commitment – 100 Sundays later…

100 Sundays have gone by since I committed to writing each week about faith and family. 100 Sundays; nearly 2 years! Some Sundays held stories developed and perfected for weeks, while others were thrown together in an hour late on a Sunday night. Yet each week, words were written, failures shared, life captured. Continue reading