Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


Reflection and Commitment – 100 Sundays later…

100 Sundays have gone by since I committed to writing each week about faith and family. 100 Sundays; nearly 2 years! Some Sundays held stories developed and perfected for weeks, while others were thrown together in an hour late on a Sunday night. Yet each week, words were written, failures shared, life captured. Continue reading


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Remembering a memory

At the first night of an adult bible study this week, we were asked to take five minutes to write a story about ourselves; a story that was meaningful in our life journey, where perhaps a lesson was learned or a course was changed. I could see panic arise in the faces of some around the room. What a deeply personal way to start a new class with a room of friends, acquaintances and strangers!

But I sat calmly, certain this would be an easy task for me. I love to write! As a matter of fact, I just so happen to write every single week about personal things which occur in my life and the lives of those in my family. This will be a breeze! Continue reading


Writing my Will; More difficult than expected…

My husband and I recently decided to amend our will. Late last year I joined the Foundation Board for a charitable organization which I care very deeply about. Our goal is to encourage donors to include this organization in their will – deliberate, planned giving at the event of death. So, I thought to myself, if I am going to encourage others to include charitable giving at their death, then I should too. Lead by example, right? Continue reading

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Fostering family discussions – talking to my kids about God

I wrote my 52nd weekly post on Easter Sunday. That is one whole year of writing every week about faith, family, life, failure, joy and chaos. One year ago, the idea to share my private thoughts in such a public forum was a massive jump out of my comfort zone. I typically shield my emotions, failures and questions. But somehow sharing my faith journey through the written word has been easy (mostly), fun and a great way to hold myself accountable to an ongoing faith practice!

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It’s OK to fail!

I feel like a failure. I have worked a lot of hours this week – my mental state has reached a point of foggy delirium. And now I sit here on a Sunday afternoon trying to figure out how I will put together a meaningful writing about God at work in my family. Continue reading