Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

About Me

Who am I? I am a wife. I am a mother of two young, intelligent, beautiful children. I have a college degree in business and I work (sometimes too many hours) as an accountant. I try to stay involved at my Lutheran church, both spiritually and socially. These are my stats.

Two things about me: 1) I have a horrible memory and 2) I communicate best through the written word. In this technological world – when you can share information and thoughts in an instant – these potentially debilitating qualities are manageable. So the next step for me: Start a blog! On a personal level, it forces me to write things down to help me remember my life, and the early years of my kids. Even better, it helps me actually communicate with people.

So what do I write about? If I look at the most important things in life, my faith and my family are at the top. We experience so many moments that are funny, interesting, sad, poignant, reflective – which lead each member of my family closer to God. I want to remember these moments. I want to share these moments. My goal is to find an outlet to write about the God moments our family experiences every day; to encourage others to look for these Family God Moments in their lives.

So here we go – with my husband to encourage and provide tech support, my kids to inspire more than words than express, and me to write it all down.

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