Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Classes have started up. I don’t mean my children’s school year, though that is also a true statement. The kids have been back for well over a month now, and I continue to be asked if my kids are back in school. A question quickly followed by “And how are things going?”

Starting a new school year seems a little traumatic and jarring as that first day approaches. But once it starts, you realize the value of routine! My kids thrive with a daily schedule. They know what is coming day to day, and the expectations for success are known. Continue reading


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Tangible Connections

When this posts, I should be lounging on a pool chair with a fruity cocktail in my hand, happily soaking up the Cancun sun with two very dear friends nearby. I was hesitant to admit this here… Two all-inclusive beach vacations in the same summer! It is almost too good to be true! The first trip was with family. This is a girls trip, with some overdue time to laugh, relax, and just be with two people who have been in my life for 20 years. Twenty years of weddings, babies, job changes, divorce, parenting woes. Some time to simply pause is a luxury we are not passing up! Continue reading

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The paralyzing power of fear

Last week’s writing was all about fear. Specifically, that fear we carry for ourselves which holds us back from trying the scary and challenging things we desire to do. I might as well stay on topic and continue to encounter fear. But the focus this week is fear for others… which I suppose in the long run is also fear for ourselves. This is fear of our own ability (or lack of ability, I should say) to cope with loss, and lose our perceived grip on control. Continue reading

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Learning to do a Cartwheel

My daughter has entered the new world of second grade. Schoolwork is a little more difficult, expectations are higher. She’s not the youngest in the school anymore. With it, she decided to try brand new after-school activities. These are not activities her brother has done, nothing her dad or I participated in during a past life. We are jumping into gymnastics and swimming with no clue what we are getting into!

These sports are intimidating! You walk into rooms where these families have been passionately living in this world for years. We are clearly new, and so very naive. Continue reading

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Power in our Words

My summer “sabbatical” is over and it is time to start writing again. I’ve faced this with some trepidation. I’ve let my brain become sluggish this summer; I no longer trust that I might actually have words or insight people would care to read. This certainly makes it tricky to write a blog…  Continue reading


Taking Time to Rest and Reset

Our family has a vacation coming up – one whole week together at a resort! We’ve been planning this for over a year. As the trip draws near, I am giddy – eager for pampering and self-care, for time with my family away from the busyness, for smiles, laughter, good food and relaxation! It is a luxury to have the opportunity to escape. Continue reading

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A Permanent Display

Months ago I wrote about a little Hebrew word with a big meaning. Hesed (or chesed): God’s steadfast loving-kindness. (See Seeking Constant from Inside the Vortex.)

I wrote that I hoped to make this ancient word a tattoo. Well, on one miraculously free Saturday back in early March, my husband suggested that we head to the tattoo place. Sure, I said. They don’t give actual tattoos to walk-ins at this busy, reputable shop. I’ll go in, make the appointment, and leave myself with some time to be certain the placement is right – and more importantly that the Hebrew translation is right. Continue reading