Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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When the Light feels dim

I’ve tried to think of something else to write about; anything but this! This post requires a public confession. This post points to a reality I may not want to face. But to pick something else and avoid what I felt called to write about seemed like cheating.

I skipped church last Sunday. My family went. They went to education hour, worship, AND attended a family game event that afternoon. Through all of that, I was at work… by choice. Continue reading


Stop. Look up!

We all crave some sunshine in the middle of winter. Sometimes we do not realize how desperately we need it to help cope with the endless cold, dark days. The weather last weekend in my little part of the Midwest was incredible. We had warm temps and sunshine – on a weekend! It was sunny, blue skies and sixty degrees on Sunday… Sixty! Continue reading


The Daily Grind, Part 1

This week’s writing is a continuation of the last… Stay calm and write on! I challenged myself to be better about seeking God each day, even in the most trivial moments. There’s this question I am often asked: Where did you see God today? Usually this is a fairly easy question to answer. Yet at times, there are days when I must dig real deep to recall God’s presence in the midst of the mundane.

It was the kind of week where I drive from the garage at my house to the parking garage at work; no stops, no time outdoors, no sunshine. It’s dark and cold outside. It is the kind of week where it would be easy to set God aside and trudge forward. Continue reading


Stay Calm and Write On

There are weeks when it feels nearly impossible to think of something to write about. I blame it on busy schedules and too many hours in front of excel spreadsheets. But really, it is far too little time seeking service out in the real world, and my own chosen lack of involvement in a group bible study or class. As the week goes on and that Sunday “deadline” looms, I become increasingly panicked. What could I possibly come up with to write about this week?!? Continue reading

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Raising the next generation

There were a few moments during this past week when I found myself gazing at my dear children with sentimental reflection, considering what intelligent, kind, funny and wonderful little humans they are becoming. (To be fair, I also had moments of furrowed brow, seriously questioning their ability to make decisions and concerned about their overall lack of judgement… Thankfully their endearing moments are far more memorable!) Continue reading

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Distress Got You Down?

Yet another passing into a new year has come and gone. It was a strange week – filled with celebrations and fun outings with extended family, a fantastic night out for New Year’s Eve, an incredibly relaxing New Year’s day at home with the family, and the kick-off of year-end overtime at work. I should have loads to write about. But for some reason, by brain feels a bit dulled; I am drawing a blank! It’s a new decade and I’m 40 years old – is this just how it will be now?!? Continue reading